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Ahmed Mirza

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" To whom it may concern, I have known Ahmed Mirza for over 22 years as he has assisted me as my realtor with several residential and income properties. Ahmed’s genuinely friendly and hands-on personality is a great asset when it comes to negotiating, persuading, keeping commitments and closing escrows with no legal liabilities after the close. I have found him to be an expert in his field with his time-honored experience he brings a tremendous amount of care and concern with him.

He has always more than looked out for my best interest in all my transactions. I not only find Ahmed to be honest and trustworthy, I also find him to be reliable, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to make certain I receive the best possible offers and purchase prices on my purchases. He does not just sell you a property and vanish.

Recently, Ahmed listed and sold my home at 322 Lorraine Blvd in Hancock Park. My home sold quickly and for a considerably higher than asking price with a very smooth transaction. Prior to coming on the market, Ahmed interviewed different organizing/packing, estate sale and painting companies selecting one of each and managed the entire process for three months prior to going on the market to get the home market ready which we could not have accomplished without his help. In doing so, he created the best presentation of my home in order to obtain a purchase price over the asking price.

Prior to the close of escrow of Lorraine property, Ahmed located a terrific duplex that includes a 3rd rental unit above the garage assisting me with the purchase of my new home that produces very good income from two rental apartments.

Ahmed also pinpointed a four-plex and negotiated a great deal for me which I purchased utilizing the gains from the Lorraine property. I was not sure I really wanted to do this, however he explained the benefits to me, and so I agreed. This property generates very high rents for me. The four-plex had one fixer and one vacant apartment when I purchased it. Within seven days Ahmed rented the vacant unit for the highest price and is helping me remodel the fixer unit at no charge. The income from the three units pays the entire mortgage and the fourth units income will is my profit.

I could have not accomplished any of this without Ahmed’s perseverance, hard work, devotion, and people skills.

I recommend Ahmed Mirza to everyone I know.
" - Dr. Ellis Beesley

" I first met Mr. Mirza in 2019 when he was the listing agent of a terrific Triplex I was in the process of purchasing. His professionalism, knowledge and personal courtesy impressed me immediately as I was taken through the property before making an offer through my representative. My offer was accepted and the purchase evolved without issue.

What stands out to me was that post purchase Mr. Mirza continued to be available to me not only answer all questions but he took the time to share his immense knowledge base to make sure my purchase remained one of ease and satisfaction.

I whole heartedly and without reservation recommend him to anyone interested in either seeking a purchase or listing one.
" Dr. Barry L. Kaye

" I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed for many years. In the time that I have known him, he has been nothing short of an exemplary agent with a true passion for real estate and relationships. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and takes great pride in understanding each deal on its own. He does not leave a single stone unturned when it comes to analyzing comps, past and recent transactions, current inventory, and overall trends affecting each particular neighborhood. With Ahmed, you will always get someone that tells you the truth but someone who is also willing to listen and use his creativity to make his clients desires his top priority. Before proposing anything, you can be sure that Ahmed will perform his due diligence and conduct a thorough analysis of the data available so he and his clients could make the most informed decision that will ultimately result in the best economic decision. He has never left an open house of mine unattended (or with a “junior” agent) or sent a subordinate to conduct a private showing for a prospective buyer. He is a relentless worker, honest, and one of the most intelligent minds in the industry. He treats everyone with respect and values his relationships above everything else. I would recommend Ahmed without reservation and feel lucky to have him as a trusted real estate advisor and friend. " - Vasili Hatziris, Real Estate Developer, Los Angeles

" Ahmed wasn't the first agent we worked with when beginning the process of looking to purchase our first home, but he was the one who got our deal done. Being completely new to the experience meant Ahmed's hands-on and detail-oriented approach saved us a lot of stress and tension. We only had to tell him our neighborhood and budget and be patient. He's very quick on emails and phone calls and follows up with everyone from your initial offer to the final closing. He coached us and walked us through the entire process, allowing us to focus on the exciting part of becoming new homeowners.

Thank you, Ahmed!
" - Kruran Khadim, Dr. Asma Moheet

" Words cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Ahmed Mirza.

I would highly recommend him to everyone. We were new income property buyers. I sent numerous online searches to Ahmed, he never disregarded what was sent, instead he patiently educated us each step of the way through our hundreds of questions, he was patient and professional through it all. He recommended the lender we went with, not sure we could have done any of this by ourselves and he had a great interaction with the seller agent. He is amazing! He continues to follow up with us today, keeping us informed on changes to the market, what’s available in our desired area. If you're buying a first, second or income property, you can't go wrong with Ahmed. We are in the process of looking for a second income property and have already reached out to

Ahmed to start the process all over again.
" - Sarah Gibbons

" Helped me buy a apartment building and sold my home.

I met Ahmed when I bought my first investment property. Being a green pea, I had many questions and apprehensions when it came to dealing with commercial banks, agents and sellers. Ahmed was extremely patient in guiding me through the process and when it came to explaining how to negotiate with the Seller, he taught me things I wouldn't have thought about; like meeting with the tenants before buying and scrutinizing everything on the walk through. I used him again recently when I went to sell my residential property. He was able to get me top dollar for my property and caught several issues with the lender when they dropped the ball. He is well networked, knowledgeable and efficient at his profession.
" - Alexander Tuckman

" I met Ahmed when I was looking to buy my first home.

We sat down and discussed my preferences and he began presenting me with homes. I was very particular with what I sought in a home and Ahmed was very patient working with me. When I found the home that I really liked, the asking price was higher than I could afford at the time and the property had two other offers on it. So we continued looking but Ahmed kept a close eye on that home by keeping in touch with the listing agent building a good relationship. To my good fortune and surprise, the previous offers fell through and I still remember the day when Ahmed called me to say they would accept my offer. If Ahmed hadn't stayed in contact with the listing agent while we were searching for other homes, I would never had got my home. I enjoyed working with Ahmed and I'm thankful to him for his support and service on my behalf.

I've recommended him to friends and recently reached out to him with help on a possible mountain retreat cabin.
" - Don North

" I have known Ahmed Mirza socially well before he transitioned into real estate.

On learning that he was planning to join the real estate industry, I felt that, because of his congenial and sincere nature, his ability to listen and deal with individuals, he had made the right choice. When my investments-partners and I decided on buying properties, I suggested that we have Ahmed find us properties that we could buy, improve and sell. Ahmed diligently helped us buy two properties, one on Romaine in Hollywood, and the other on Westerly Terrace, in Silver Lake that we bought and sold through him and made a profit on each of them. He took great pains in taking care of all that was involved in buying and selling real estate. He was meticulous, knowledgeable and patient of what needed to be done in the process of buying and selling.

Since then, when either my partners or I hear of individuals wanting to buy or sell properties, we recommend Ahmed.
" - Amir Ali

" I was the buyer with my own buyer's agent but this is a Listing Agent Review of Ahmed Mirza. 1761 Laurel Canyon Blvd. LA, CA 90046 Ahmed is an incredible realtor and listing agent with a huge amount of experience and skill. He's a consummate professional, very friendly, and very helpful. He follows up extremely quickly when contacted about the transaction and made himself available whenever necessary to help with it. He helped me find financing for a "cross-collateralization loan" with a fantastic mortgage broker when I didn't even know that was a possible financing option and provided great advice on how to renovate the property. I would definitely work with Ahmed again on future real estate transactions."

- Chris Merril

" My association with Ahmed began a few years back as I was attempting to view a much desired Miracle Mile Duplex in multiple offers.

Ahmed patiently counseled me every step of the way, worked very hard on the loan process (as I was a first-time buyer) and I was soooo happy to find out we beat the others offers and I got the duplex. I much appreciated Ahmed's efforts, professionalism, persistence, expertise, and guidance; I was a 1st-time buyer who knew nothing about buying a property.

I have done extremely well as a result of this purchase on paper and now I am getting ready to buy a home through Ahmed.
" - Marla Foster

" I have known Ahmed Mirza for 24 years.

I bought my first home through him on Tremaine (Hancock Park adjacent). He found me a great property and negotiated an exceptionally good deal for me. It was a foreclosure property with at least 10 offers on it but through his sincere, friendly, convincing and persistent personality - he bonded with the listing agent and as a result got my offer accepted. Ahmed was efficient and on top of the transaction till the end.

That purchase really changed my financial life as the equity built up so quickly.
" - John Skalicky

" Ahmed is a great realtor.

He helped me buy one single family home and two apartment buildings in the past five years. Two of the three properties were in highly desired neighborhoods with many bids/offers to match. His unique trait of polite persistence, honesty and accessibility placed me in the winning spot both times. He also has good instincts on which listings to go for and understands the balance between desirability and price throughout the city of Los Angeles.

I trust him exclusively, I will use him again to acquire more properties in the future
" - Dr. Shu

" As a lender I have worked with thousands of realtors and experienced every style of personality and work ethic. Ahmed Mirza is the kind of agent that you want on your side. Not only is he’s knowledgeable and a skilled negotiator but he’s also humble and compassionate. He helps clients build long term wealth and steps above and beyond the call of duty for his/our clients on multiple occasions and transactions. I’m commonly asked what realtor agents I would recommend to clients; my short list always has Ahmed Mirza Realtor of Pacific Union International. " Loan officer: Dorain Willims Finance America 818-317-4949

" I have closed numerous transactions with Ahmed and always find him to be extremely knowledgeable, proactive and hands on. He is personable and a pleasure to work with! " Escrow officer: Nate Thomas. Chartwell Escrow. 310-358-0887

" It has always been a pleasure working Ahmed. You are very hard working, knowledgeable and dedicated to making sure you do whatever you can to make the Real Estate transaction close seamlessly! You are always there to answer the phone and respond to my emails or texts quickly! Not only are you great to work with but your Compass Office is wonderful to work with as well. You are all so professional and you know what it takes to make sure the escrows closes as fast and easy as possible. I always appreciate what you do for me. " Title office: Greg Lane Lawyers Title Co. 310-345-7801

About Ahmed
Los Angeles has been my home since 1981. I made my transition into real estate from the tech-industry realizing that my passion was for working with people one-on-one in a service-oriented environment. I bring 33 years of transactional experience with me, representing buyers and sellers dealing with single-family homes, duplexes to 4 unit buildings, 1031 Tax Exchanges, land sales, and leases. My clients appreciate my personal and undivided attention, especially to detail. As a skilled negotiator, I am legally alert, persistent, methodical and my “project manager-style hands-on style” makes for a seamless transaction. Upon signing the listing agreement and all supporting documents, my prime directive is to give maximum exposure and create excitement to achieve the highest value for your property via all media of marketing. Whether single-family home or units, your property is marketed locally, nationally, and internationally through the Compass International alliances. Once an accepted offer is negotiated, the escrow discovery process begins. In my project manager role, I supervise and coordinate amongst the seller, buyer, outside agent, escrow officer, title company, lender, and appraiser. I also interact with termite inspector, home inspector, geological and sewer line inspectors, insurance quotes, home protection plan company, and home owner's association documents on (if applicable) a daily basis to ensure the transaction is moving forward as per the contract. I look forward to sitting down with you to discuss how I can best serve your real estate needs.