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In 2004, Thor owned an Atlanta appraisal company. He worked closely with multiple real estate agents and it became abundantly clear that there was a lack of quality representation available to buyers and sellers. After 5 years of analyzing poorly written contracts, appraising homes that sold for less than market value, and observing several occasions where buyers naively purchased homes for significantly above market value, he decided there was a need for a more technical approach to real estate.

Thor has represented clients (buyers, sellers, builders, lenders, and attorneys) in over 10,000 real estate transactions. Because of his background in appraisals, he has become highly experienced with market trends in the area.

Once under contract, Thor meets and communicates directly with the bank's appraiser to provide the best comparables sales to support your asking price. If there are any discrepancies with the initial appraisal, Thor will not shy away from questioning the appraiser.

Thor sells houses faster and for more money than his competition. Because he knows your home's true market value, he is able to price it at the optimal price so buyers will bring the highest offers quickly. Thor believes in attention to detail. He returns all phone calls within 24 hours, is always available for his clients, and has specialists in each part of the real estate process to ensure your success.

Thor performs appraisals for his buyers before they make an offer on the property of interest, assuring a wise investment for you. He has written and reviewed over 10,000 real estate contracts. He knows how to protect you.

Working with a certified residential appraiser and realtor gives you a substantial advantage in negotiations because of his knowledge of pricing. Based on our client’s bank appraisal, every buyer that Thor has ever represented has been appraised for more than their contract price. He works with the best lenders and closing attorneys in the Atlanta area to make the process as smooth as possible.

Because of his background, there is no better agent to represent you than Thor.

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