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"We were very happy with Kirsten as our Real Estate agent. She made herself available for us and had excellent communication throughout the process. It was comforting to know that we could ask questions and receive feedback or answers in a short amount of time. Kirsten helped us negotiate with the sellers to get what we wanted to be done to the house before closing. Since it was our first house to buy, she helped set expectations and guide us through the process. At times, I was unsure of how certain negotiations were going during the option period and asked her to draft terminations for the contract. She kept saying that everything was fine and that we would get what we wanted but she also wrote the letters and we were prepared to send them if necessary. But she was right in the end and it was not needed, but it helped to know that we would be covered. She was sweet to our little girls as they ran around and played in a couple visits. All in all, we had a great experience and thank Kirsten very much! ." - Brad Naylor

"Kirsten Birkhold recently was our agent in purchasing a rental property. She was highly professional and moved quickly and efficiently to get our offer made in today's fast-paced market. As the deal progressed, she was readily available and responsive when we had questions or requested contract adjustments. Overall, she represented our interests exceptionally well. We highly recommend her. ." -Shiang Shiang Chen

"Kirsten Birkhold is an absolutely AMAZING agent - knowledge, personable, and dedicated! As a first time homebuyer, I had many questions and concerns. Kirsten was quick to respond to my questions and educated me on the process from the start. This made the entire home buying process easy and smoother than I ever would have imagined. I could not have asked for a better agent! ." - Lauren Clifton

"Kirsten was great to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Austin, especially first-time homebuyers. She was knowledgeable about the area (I'm a young, single woman looking for a safe place to live and she would let me know where to avoid). She made time on the weekends, during lunch, and after work to see homes because other times wouldn't fit in my schedule. We saw over 40 homes together, sometimes up to 6-7 a day and she was happy to help. I put offers down on five houses and she did all of the negotiating. I was very impressed when she was able to get the cost for the final home down to $10k below asking. And I thought offering $4k below would get rejected! Kirsten's negotiating saved me lots of money. And above all, she's just a great person! I had a lot of fun seeing houses together and getting excited about the house that we found that met all of my criteria.." - Lizi George

"My agent was Kirsten. She is awesome. She knew exactly what we were looking for and was interested in making us get the best deal, not the other way around. When we would look at houses she would open the door and let us do our thing without sticking to our backs and trying to force us to make an offer as other agents tend to do, that's the best kind of agent, one that works for you and will work to her best to get the results that you are looking for. I was a first-time buyer and am so grateful that Kirsten was the one helping us find a home. Her schedule was also always open to your needs, including showing up for an inspection if you were not able to. I guarantee if you use Kirsten as your agent, you will be above satisfied. There are not enough compliments I can give on paper with the experience that our family received from working with Kirsten that would come close to painting how amazing an agent she is, just know that my whole family was smiling throughout the whole experience. Thank you so much, Kirsten, you do outstanding work. ." - Carlos Velez

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The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising

About Kirsten

Kirsten is originally from Scottsdale Arizona but has now called Austin home for almost a decade. In those 10 years, Kirsten has really seen this city grow and become the popular "melting pot" it is today. Prior to entering real estate, Kirsten attended The University of Texas on a full soccer scholarship. Her illustrious soccer career at UT gave her the opportunity to become familiar with Austin. Her time at UT sparked her interest in real estate when she was able to assist UT students with finding condos in the campus area, and from that point on she was hooked! Her hands-on approach and dedication to 5-star customer service have prepared her to help a diverse range of clientele. She has represented experienced investors, to first time home buyers and everyone in between. Kirsten is always ready to take on any type of transaction and prides herself on making each deal memorable for her client.

When she's not negotiating deals or showing properties, Kirsten loves to hang out with her dog and stay active. Deep down, she's also a foodie. So, you might catch her running on Lady Bird Lake, playing golf, or checking out one of Austin's best restaurants.

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