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Client Testimonials

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"In this business, there are many rarities: A builder who considers himself a partner in a project, with as much invested in the outcome as the client. A builder who gives you the straight story from day one, making crystal the scope (and cost) of the project. A builder who maintains an undiminished focus on the project, from the first meeting all of the way through 100% completion. A builder who stays true to his word. A builder who takes great pride in his work and is never satisfied until the client is fully satisfied. Mark Leyva is all of the above – and more. On several projects, I have had the great pleasure of working with Mark. Whether it be a relatively simple porch repair, or the construction of a large luxury duplex, Mark’s intelligence, diligence and attention to detail remains unsurpassed. Add to that, the fact that he is a joy to be around – a man with a great generosity of spirit and positive approach to life – and you realize that Mark is, indeed, a rarity, an exception to the rule. Put simply: Mark is an invaluable, unparalleled man of honor and integrity and a builder of exceptional quality. " - Rob

"In this housing market one of the most difficult things about selling a home is to make it stand out among all the other listings. A skim coat and spring cleaning won’t do it. To stand out, you need to make real improvements that you wish you had done earlier so that you could enjoy them rather than simply passing them along to the next owner. Often the improvements needed are diverse, requiring the juggling of multiple contractors. Identifying a suitable contractor for any given specialty is a multistep process. Due diligence requires research, referral and review of multiple candidates, quotes and capabilities. Even a minor renovation may involve drywall, paint, tile work, plumbing and electrical. Yes, it’s possible to hire each of these professionals separately and coordinate their schedules – but who do you have access to? Can you afford the best? And do you have the bandwidth to manage this process yourself while relocating or working full time? Enter Mark Leyva and Trella Homes. As a custom homebuilder he has deep relationships with the most skilled and cost effective tradesmen in Austin. The average homeowner simply does not have access to these professionals. As a general contractor Mark’s services more than paid for themselves. I did my homework. I wanted to paint the entire interior, do some minor drywall and carpentry repairs, upgrade the trim and fixtures in my bathrooms and replace the appliances in my kitchen. These are typical upgrades that homeowners encounter when selling a home. All told Mark saved me about $1000 over individual contractors, including his commission. His courteous, bonded and professional team did all the work without me having to hassle with quotes and schedules and he completed the job done right the first time in half the time I would have been able to manage individuals on my own. Oh – and he assumed all liability and guarantee for the completed job to my satisfaction. He is super organized, kept the trains running on time and was consummately polite and responsive. Any rework needed or contractor schedule snafu was handled by Mark and stayed in the background. The job was completed on time, on budget and much to my chagrin, to a level of quality that made me wish I could have stayed in my home to enjoy the result. See for yourself: http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=746949 We’ve since relocated but like any true Austinites we will be back. When that time comes you can be sure that we will ask Mark to help us transform our new home. I’ve learned my lesson. Do this when you move in so you can enjoy it – don’t wait until you move out for others to benefit. If you have any questions about the work Mark did for us or would like details on the renovations don’t hesitate to contact us at newt.inbox@gmail.com." - Mark and Dee

"I have had the privilege of building a house with Mark Leyva. My house was a particularly challenging project and Mark handled this challenge with integrity, patience, and clarity. Mark is more than just a builder, he is a teammate for building that was genuinely as excited as I was to complete our project successfully. Being on the same team with Mark was a comfort to me and my family, and it was easy to trust that Mark always had our best interests in mind especially in matters of cost, schedule, and quality. If Mark hadn’t already built the dream house for my family and me, I would gladly build my family’s house with him again. I highly recommend Mark for any building projects so that others can see what building with a trusted partner can be like. " - Nathan

About Mark

Mark has been working as a home builder and real estate agent since 1995. He focuses on luxury homes, new construction, and investment properties in the Barton Creek area and has a wide-ranging network of connections all around Austin, Texas.