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    When you meet Chris Thoman, the secret of his successful 14-year career in the real estate industry makes itself immediately clear: he’s a natural people person, the type of individual you can’t help but relax and feel comfortable around. With a number of awards and accolades under his belt, including Top 20 rankings for total sales in Boston and Brookline this past year, Thoman’s customer-first approach has taken him far – but his motivations have stayed the same over the years. First and foremost, Thoman says, his family keeps him driven to work hard day in and day out. The other thing that keeps him motivated is what he refers to as “the smile”: that unique, inimitable look of joy on his clients’ faces when they successfully close on one of the biggest investments in their life.

    Before real estate, Thoman worked hard in a number of customer service roles, but ultimately wished for more client interaction. When a friend suggested he’d be a good fit in real estate, he jumped at the opportunity. “My phone rang; it was a good friend who had been with a real estate company for a month since leaving recruiting. He told me about how it was really the type of job that rewarded the amount of work you put in. I interviewed at his company and was offered the job on the spot. I took it and never looked back.”

    Fourteen years later, Thoman has solidified his reputation as one of the most experienced Realtors in the area. Thoman makes it clear to his clients that he’s there for them around the clock. “I am always ‘ON,’” he tells us, “meaning, my phone is glued to my hand. I can’t say that my wife likes it all that much, but in real estate, customer service is your No. 1 asset. You need to be there for your clients.”

    When he’s not in the office, Thoman enjoys snowboarding, going to concerts, and most of all, spending time with his family. That said, he considers himself lucky to be in an industry where work often doesn’t feel like work. “I am a true salesperson at heart. I love the hunt of the deal and everything that comes with it!”

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