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Ellie started out as a global relocation consultant, helping people from other countries settle into life in the Boston area. In the search to help each client find a place to call home, Ellie came to understand that real estate is as much about lifestyle as it is about shelter.

With 15 years of real estate experience and polished skills, Ellie loves helping educate and guide her clients through all aspects of the largest (and most important) financial investment of their lives.

Combining her knowledge of local markets with her broad understanding of how homes work, Ellie thrives on all aspects of the real estate industry, including property research and valuation, learning the best marketing tactics, and helping people achieve their dreams.

With an MBA and a Certificate in Urban Planning, Ellie is passionate about “Green Living” and integrates sustainable practices into both her personal and professional lifestyles.

Buying, selling, or investing, Ellie understands how to successfully translate her client's’ unique situations into the right real estate choices.

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