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Harvard University - Ed.M., Administration, Planning & Social Policy

University of Massachusetts Boston - BA, Management of Community Planning & Law (Dual Major)

About Ipyana

Ipyana combines his professional experience as an education leader and asset manager with his hands-on experience in project finance and strategic management to create tailored solutions to the multifaceted issues of K-12 education and commercial real estate. His unique methodology is based in double bottom-line motivated objectives gained from his experience as an asset manager and in holding executive leadership positions in non-profit and public organizations. Ipyana's unique blend of real estate location intelligence, knowledge of structuring capital campaigns, executive leadership, and strong community-based experience all allow him to provide valuable insight and solutions to the numerous and colliding interests that often stall projects from being actualized. His interests are in managing the assets of urban developments and developing innovative solutions for student learning and development.

Ipyana is a Bostonian and earned his Masters from Harvard University, where he studied administration, planning and social policy at HUGSE & Harvard Business School. He earned his B.A. in management of urban planning and legal studies as a dual major from the University of Massachusetts. He also studied urban planning and social policy in Denmark.

Ipyana is a passionate fine art collector who also curates high end fine art collections for special clients who use fine art as a form of investment.

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