About Roberta

What makes Betra different from most realtors in Chicago is that she started out her career in interior design and grew into sales then development.

Her well rounded experience in building and designing homes makes her more knowledgeable than the average broker.

Having lived in Chicago her whole life, Betra has moved around the city to experience all that the city has to offer. At age 6, she had her dad build an exact mini replica of their house in their backyard. She decorated it herself, and that is where her love for design and real estate began. For the last 10 years, her career has been focused on how design impacts real estate.

Betra’s background in interior design, has given her the gift of seeing beyond the walls in front of her. This gift allows her to help her clients envision how a property could be PERFECT for them. In every property she sees the potential, and is confident that she can connect any buyer with their vision of “home”. She is committed to finding every client the home of their dreams!

Some people look for a beautiful place, Others make a place beautiful…Betra can help you do both!

Roberta Beranek’s Recent Transactions