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David Rose

Director of Sales Manager Development

About David

If there is one word to describe David Rose it would be commitment...commitment to family, friends, relationships and business. This was formed at an early age when David’s brother was born with multiple disabilities including total blindness and autism. Through these challenges the family learned not only to just cope, but to thrive in an environment where the individual provides support for the good of the whole.

This carried over into David’s business life when he discovered Real Estate shortly after college. Home ownership and its effect in changing people’s lives is what propelled David to a very successful career. He has helped over 800 families either buy or sell real estate. This wasn’t enough to satisfy David’s desire to do more for the industry and the community he served. He opened up his own real estate company, RealStar Real Estate which helped change the industry by putting the agent at the center of the transaction and in so doing provide exceptional service for the client.

Today, with Compass Real Estate, he is continuing his career by taking the principles he learned and helping other agents achieve success. He looks at himself as a developmental coach working with agents one on one to help plan their business goals and objectives. He conducts training classes and workshops in sales techniques, marketing, and leadership principles. David’s goal is to improve his agent’s knowledge of the market to insure client satisfaction. By creating an environment of successful, purposeful agents he can make a difference in their lives. One of the greatest compliments David received was from Senior Leadership when they said that his business calling was to take talented agents and make them truly productive.

In the current real estate environment there is a real emphasis on “Teams” how to put a team together, how to structure the team and create a positive outcome for all involved. David created Teams long before they became popular. When he opened his company it was built on the very foundation of the “Team” concept. This vision grew to nearly 200 agents. He has developed proven techniques to help new teams become successful and established teams continue on an upward trajectory.

David tries to make a difference in people’s lives. He serves on the Board of Directors of The Little City Foundation for developmentally and intellectually challenged children and adults. He is also actively involved in Special Olympics. David’s passion is his two beautiful granddaughters and to his wonderful family.

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