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Michael Yeagle

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If I could have it my way, BBQ would be served with all meals, the chef would always cook for a fat man who hasn’t eaten since breakfast, and all pens would have glitter ink.

As a real estate professional for 14 years, I have worked on hundreds of projects in Chicago and throughout the Americas. I’ve been a buyer, a seller, a rehabber, and a (insert adjective) lover. I've been an investor, a market analyst, an underwriter, a leasing agent and a tenant. I am a husband. I am organized, strategic, and professional. Most importantly, I am authentic. I do my homework, work my ass off, tell it like it is, and leave it all on the field every day.

When I’m not working, or dreaming about better designed homes, you’ll find me watching videos of Martha & Snoop pursuing culinary perfection. In addition to cooking, I enjoy playing golf, reading and participating as a youth mentor in the LINK Unlimited Program.

Thank you for listening I sincerely appreciate it. I would LOVE to return the favor and hear from you!

Michael Yeagle

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