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About Jeannie

When Jeannie went into real estate, she clearly saw in her mind where she wanted to go with her career. Today, judging by Jeannie's phenomenal success, as well as the respect and prestige she has garnered from clients and industry peers alike, Jeannie's vision was right on track.

Jeannie's goal was never to be the biggest real estate agent, just the best. She brings you responsive and personalized service through strategic alliances and affiliations and also offers you the vast relocation, networking and marketing clout of a large national firm.

But crucial to her clients' success stories is Jeannie's ability to have an intimate read on the area markets and economies, as well as being able to respond quickly to changing market forces. Because she doesn't have to rely on decision-makers who are a thousand miles removed from the market it serves, its investors and homeowners have benefited immensely.

Jeannie was born and reared in Fort Worth and currently resides in Southlake with her husband of 25 years and 2 amazing sons. She has seen this area develop from cow pastures and pecan groves into the thriving metropolis that it is today. She is certainly the one to steer you away from areas that look perfect on the outside but have hidden beware signs that only someone who grew up in the area might know about. Additionally, Jeannie is someone who has not only built several personal homes, as well as flipped and leased multiple homes, but she has also worked with and is still working with some of the top respected builders in the community.

You'll love the convenience of having most of the services you'll need with one agent. Jeannie can offer you efficient, accurate and convenient service from professionals who know you and your unique needs. You're worth it. Your investments are worth it.

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