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About Robert

With combined real estate knowledge and laser-sharp sense of spatial design, I’m an agent who thinks outside the box. My unique skill set, coupled with my passion for helping clients and connecting with them personally, is what I will provide as your agent.

I'm Rob Johnston and I have over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. Living in the D.C. metropolitan area for more than 20 years equips me with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Through firsthand experience I’ve helped buyers, sellers, renters, and investors navigate the often-bumpy road to finding the perfect home.

My passion derives from problem-solving the technical and emotional issues people may experience during a real estate transaction. With a background in construction management and home design, I know how to listen to each person's individual needs and deliver top-notch quality service. A learner at heart, I love getting to know clients on a personal level — hearing their life stories is what fuels my drive for the business.

I specialize in micro-living, which involves putting people in touch with living in smaller spaces. This often brings me to work with empty nesters whom are downsizing and desire economy sized living. In addition, my trained eye for storage solutions helps guide clients who are buying larger homes.

Outside of real estate, I'm a licensed skydiver, scuba diver and enjoy traveling internationally. Past trips include Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, and Germany. I also strive to maintain a healthy, low-stress lifestyle with regular meditation and exercise. Contact me today so I can tell you more about how I can help.

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