About Stan

Stan received his engineering degree in Aeronautics and Astronomics at Purdue University. After completing his MBA at the University of Michigan, Stan joined a management consulting firm, where he specialized in hospital operations and construction. This eventually brought him to DC, where he met his wife Jeanie, settled down, and had two children: Todd & Scott.

Right after they were married and before kids, they moved to an English basement apartment on Capitol Hill. It was on the Hill where Stan got involved in renovations, construction & real estate. At first it was on a part time basis, but it wasn't long before general contracting, renovating homes, developing commercial properties & residential condominiums became a full time business. In the 1980s & early 1990s he teamed up with well-known developer Bob Herrema and developed the Logan School Condo, Kentucky Manor Condo, the Tuscany Condo, the Carbery School Condo and the Hawthorne Condo to name a few. These were a handful of the condo conversion projects they developed on Capitol Hill, which were bold and risky moves at the time, but through some creative sales strategies they all sold out.

These creative sales strategies involved selling the condos as investment properties to friends, family members, fraternity brothers, high school friends, relatives and the like. Since the majority of these buyers were out of town, there was a need for a local property management company. Stan & Jeanie started a property management company, which they ran for a decade or so. After which time they turned their management portfolio over to another management company. After his not-so-brief stint in property management, Stan started focusing on residential & commercial real estate sales and leasing. Shortly thereafter in 2001, his son Todd joined him in the business. The Bissey Team was formed.

Stan's engineering and construction background coupled with Todd's sales and marketing background allow them to be great advocates and real estate consultants for both their buyer and seller clients. What sets them aside from their competition is their ability to prepare properties for the market. Together with their contractors, landscapers & stagers, they will work to transform their clients' properties, so that they can get top dollar. Their discerning eye(s) for correct construction practices and acute market knowledge make them invaluable resources for their buyer clients as well. You can find Stan & Todd all over DC, as they sell in every neighborhood, but more often than not you will find them on Capitol Hill.

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