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Diana Koll

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I always wanted to be a ballet dancer… and while that was a nice dream and a really fun major in college I knew it wasn’t going to pay the bills once I graduated. So, I got a job in finance (hated the hours), then architecture (not my thing), then corporate furniture sales (brutal), then commercial property management (getting warmer), then, on a whim, residential real estate sales (shazam!). I am a natural connector so once I started connecting people and homes I knew I had found my forever job.

Fast forward twenty years or so and here I am still putting people and their homes together as well as people and their contractors, babysitters, painters, pediatricians, hair stylists, gardeners, landscapers, designers, therapists, attorneys, future boyfriends and girlfriends…you get the point. I love this job because my clients become an integral part of my life and I of theirs. It’s so much more than just helping them buy or sell a home it's all about forming a partnership and sharing an adventure.

I’m a local (5th generation) San Francisco girl and I love to share my story of growing up in this amazing city. Take a moment to check out my posts, sign up for my newsletter which highlights all kinds of cool things SF has to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out to tell your story. #LoveWhereYouLive


I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for my dad and me. We of course had no idea what we were doing and you made it incredibly easy for us. We both trusted you immediately and could not have asked for a better real estate agent and friend.I was so impressed by how well you understood and truly cared about all of my preferences and how easy you were to talk to. I  can't imagine that I would have clicked better with any other real estate agent out there!Also I LOVE my condo. It's absolutely perfect and I have only you to thank! You must come over for dinner some time.Thank you so much again - I am eternally grateful. 
- Laura

Diana assisted my daughter in her first home buying experience while I kept an intrusive oversight from 3000 miles away. I was extremely impressed with Diana's thoroughness and promptness in responding to all my questions and assisting my daughter (even working with us on Mother's Day and while she was on vacation). Amazingly (to a cynical Boston lawyer like me) Diana took the time to convey certain caveats to me that could have cost her the sale but she felt honor-bound to ensure that we understood the full scope of the financial risks involved. When my wife and I seek a west-coast property in the next year or two we'll call upon Diana to give us the same benefit of her professional knowledge her meticulous thoroughness and her absolute integrity.
- Stephan