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"First and foremost, Dosta is a true professional. She is knowledgeable and able to look at details as well as the larger picture of the city and the climate of the market. She is direct, personal, and works very hard for you throughout the process. From the moment we met Dosta we were secure in knowing our interests were her top priority. We knew very little about preparing and selling an apartment but learned quickly what was required and possible. Her use of virtual staging assisted in the sale tremendously. Once things were set into motion she was always available for questions we had. Dosta loves her work and she loves people. She is the very best of what one hopes to find in an agent. I highly recommend that you meet her and experience her energy for yourself."
- Rodney H.

"It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Dosta Dedic as a real estate agent. I had the pleasure of being represented by Dosta during my home-buying journey earlier this year. She successfully negotiated a lower purchase price, kept the process moving at a very swift pace, and we closed the property on time.  Dosta was recommended by a close friend, and I knew after our initial conversation she is the type of real estate agent that truly cared about her clients. I was out of state when I began looking for a property in NYC, and she was able to secure appointments for me when I was in town, with the limited time I had. She was organized, prompt, and did not waste time.  As a first-time home buyer, I found the whole process to be completely seamless, and a large part I can honestly credit to Dosta. From searching for a home to putting together a comprehensive coop application package, and finalizing the contract, Dosta made the whole process easy.  I can confidently without reservation recommend Dosta Dedic. "
- Marie V.

"Dosta was recommended by a friend. I was working with several brokers at the time and wanted to commit to one that would find me what I needed. When I first engaged with Dosta, she was professional, well-spoken, and knowledgeable. She knew every neighborhood and what things would rent and what they would sell for. After seeing a few mixed-use properties that made sense I ended up purchasing one building, and a condo for my family and I to live in. She was able to maneuver through some difficult transactions and conversations and got me through the finish line without me having to do much. She made the whole transaction easy, simple, and smooth. She dealt with each situation like a pro and never allowed me to panic or worry, but only shared her solutions to all situations that arose. I followed her path and was able to finish in no time. Dosta is my broker and I use her for all my transactions. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell with her, she's trustworthy, candid, very knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and gets the job done!"
- Philip G.

"I have known Dosta Dedic for the past 7 years and it gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation. I’m very grateful to have personally experienced her professionalism, fantastic communicative skills, and pure dedication to going above and beyond for her clients. Dosta always exceeded my expectations. She worked diligently and made sure to have a deep understanding of my needs. Dosta truly does her job with love and compassion, not a common broker trait! Her expertise in trends and current markets is like no other.
She always makes herself available, day or night, for any questions or concerns I have. Not only does she respond to my inquiries immediately, but she also provides me with invaluable feedback, guidance, and advice. Dosta is an incredible resource and just an amazing human being. I’ve never seen anyone work harder to get a deal done. Once you do business with her it’s almost impossible to entertain another broker."
- Elina K. R.

"Dear Dosta, thank you very much for all of your time, talent, and patience that you invested in me! I can only imagine how much work it is to take care of a first-time home buyer. I got extremely lucky to have you on my team. I knew that you were an amazing professional the day I met you at an open house at Lincoln Towers a few years ago. I remember I told my friend that if I would ever be ready to purchase a home, I would want Dosta to help me out. Once I was ready, I had no hesitation in my mind and emailed you right away. I was in awe with how skillfully you were able to schedule a viewing and get us from point A to B to C to D to E smoothly and with no delays, especially during these difficult times.
I appreciate you really listening to me and recommending places based on what I like and dislike. I appreciate you being patient and understanding and taking the time to go through the lists of pros and cons for each apartment that I was interested in. And most of all I am endlessly grateful for your phenomenal negotiating skills that were incredibly crucial in my circumstances. Not only did you get the best price for me, but you helped me get my Co-op interview extremely fast, put together my package with zero mistakes, and helped expedite the process knowing that my lease was running out.
I appreciate your professional and friendly demeanor and your timely advice. I have been recommending you to all of my friends and co-workers and hoping that once they are ready you will get a lot of new clients.
- Irina S.

"As my husband and I prepare to close on the sale of our New York City apartment, we take a moment to let you know what a gem you have in Dosta Dedic. Just when Donald and I felt most despairing (we'd walked away from a real estate broker mere minutes before signing a contract and sat looking at one another thinking we'd lost our minds to think putting our Manhattan apartment on the market in the middle of a pandemic was a good idea!), Dosta appeared like an answer to a prayer. The clouds parted immediately upon introduction to Dosta — encouraged as we were by her infectious and informed enthusiasm, her humility and poise, and her clear belief in her ability to find us a buyer no matter the tough circumstances.

This woman is a breath of fresh air. No shiny penny, hollow "broker-eze", just straight-forward, authentic discussions. She is clear in her vision and direction, transparent, and strategic. Looking at our apartment, she knew immediately which resources to pull in for photography and design consults. She advised us to make a couple of minor changes, but rather than wait for us to find a contractor to tend to the shortlist, she just did it all herself — within 24 hours! Talk about scrappy. She is a proactive, get-it-done woman, who lets no obstacle (actual or imagined) get in the way of forward momentum. We wanted you to know that Dosta represents Compass in the best possible ways and we will recommend her to any friends or colleagues looking to buy or sell."
- Beth M.

I highly recommend Dosta Dedic! She is one of the best agents you will work with and one of the very few you will want to work with again. I work in financial services where efficiency and competence are the norm. I have used other agents in the past to purchase property and am comparing her to other agents as well. My experience with Dosta includes an apartment rental and a second experience when I purchased property. She prioritized my interests first and she was extremely reliable throughout the process. I genuinely felt she understood and represented my needs. She definitely worked the best deal possible for me. I should add that I was a bit uneducated in the specific property type and neighborhood's price range, but she handled my naivety well. She was not afraid to push back and keep me in check with the latest market color, however contrary it was to what I originally thought or hoped. Not only did she have good market color and neighborhood data, but more importantly, she was thorough in applying her experience to my specific negotiation and the specific property of interest. It turned out that the seller's agent and the sellers were terribly difficult people (to put it nicely), and she spent significant time managing them, sparing me much frustration. The attorneys on both sides were also messy, and she also spent time facilitating with them as well. She really went above and beyond in managing the entire process and smoothing out several bumps all the way through closing. Without her, I would not have secured the property at the price I wanted. In addition, her expert handling of the entire process was so good that I walked away happy despite the difficult people involved. I look forward to working with Dosta again!"
- Julian P.

Dosta was fantastic in our process of finding and securing the best apartment for our family of 3! She was incredibly quick to respond, easy to communicate with, and helped guide us patiently through the application process. Thank you again for helping us find such a great place to call him. I highly recommend working with Dosta in the future!"
- Jackie R.

About Dosta

Dosta Dedic is a prolific Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Certified Commercial Property Specialist on a mission to make her clients’ dreams of homeownership a reality.

Combining her unwavering diligence, integrity, and work ethic along with her in-depth local marketplace familiarity, she has quickly become the go-to premier Real Estate Professional across the beautiful communities of New York City.

She runs ultra marathon's on her spare time and dedicates her time to babies born blind, raising awareness and creating charity events.

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