About Gregory
"My primary goal is to identify and provide all the service my clients need to successfully sell or buy property"—Gregg Rathborne

Gregg has excelled in the sale of fine properties since 1994. Gregg and his team closed over $128 million in sales to date. He enjoys "Top Agent" reputation by virtue of his track record, experience and commitment to advertising and promotion.

Gregg has been a well-known presence in numerous well known national publications. He devotes his financial resources and marketing skills to the design of unique campaigns for each outstanding and prestigious property he lists. In the rarified world of luxury residential marketing, savoir-faire makes all the difference. That is what Gregg brings to every aspect of the process - proper pricing, innovative marketing, and elegant presentation.

Gregg grew up in Hillsborough and graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with extensive coursework in Economics and Business. Gregg worked for many years in top executive marketing positions at Hewlett-Packard and Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Through a lifetime of community involvement and real estate-related activities, Gregg has developed an extensive network of clients, professional resources and business associates. This, coupled with the strength of Compass Real Estate permits Gregg to provide optimum exposure to the properties he lists, as well as finding the right properties for his buyers.

"An exceptional home is simply a frame for an exceptional life."