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Jagruti Bhikha

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About Jagruti
I would like to tell you a story of how I got started in real estate.    When I moved to Florida for my first job as a software engineer, I had no friends or family in that area so I used to either be in the library or go attend open houses on weekends.   One weekend there was this beautiful home - perfectly decorated and just felt like a very happy place.  I came to see the house multiple times during the open house weekend.  Finally, the realtor said to me, "I don't think you can afford this house.  You seem very young and frankly this is not something that person like you can afford."  My english at that point was broken or rather not polished.   I didn't know what to say especially when I knew he was right - I could not afford that home.  I came home and cried my eyes out and missed my parents, my family, someone I can just hug or someone who can tell me - of course, you can, honey.    That feeling stayed with me for a while and I finally bought a small place and then the next and next.  But before I did that, I loved anything to do with homes so much that I decided to become a Realtor so I can sell someone else a home, may be someone like me.  That's how I became a real estate agent.   I am so grateful for that experience that helped me explore this wonderful craft.

This license came in very useful when I became a single mom and I needed to have extra money to help my daughters with their college tuition.  I am forever grateful for the relationships and forever friendships I have built because of my love of homes. I am truly in my natural state of being when I am helping others buy, sell, design, build, rent -  and it has given me blessings over and over again. 

I believe everyone deserves a place on this earth that is theirs and where they can be themselves no matter what their socio-economic status is.  Our home is where we live the most important moments and milestones of life.   I am so grateful that I get to help you and support you in finding that place for you.    I want to be the "of course, you can" person for you and help you find your happy place. I am a mom, software engineer and a realtor.   I am also a dog lover and love to paint dogs.  I live in San Ramon with my two daughters and a dog son.  

Thank you for your trust in me.    Please Call/Text me at 650-409-1616 or Email me at jagsb@compass.com