Kim Festa-Gelnaw

Kim Festa-Gelnaw

Real Estate Advisor
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About Kim
Kim is a seasoned real estate professional and a licensed salesperson in New Jersey. She has brought her experience to the South Florida market with an established client base from the Northeast. She is excited to now work with her neighbors in Florida.

Kim was the founder of The Savvy Servant, a full-service concierge business based in New York City and then Florida. In this capacity, she catered to individuals’ needs including travel arrangements, event planning, interior design services and property management.

Kim spent most of her career working with Oscar-winning film producer Stanley R. Jaffe. During her tenure, she was thoroughly involved in the production of commercial feature films and worked closely with creative executives and staff at both Paramount Pictures and the Sony Studios. She often interfaced with various Hollywood talent; studio executives, agents, entertainment lawyers, directors, screenwriters and actors.

She was Executive Assistant for Mr. Jaffe when he was appointed President & Chief Operating Officer at Paramount Communications (now Viacom International). As an Executive Assistant, Kim fine-tuned her project management skills, anticipating the daily and often changing needs typical of entertainment professionals. Working closely with such a well-known and busy executive, Kim mastered the art of how to get a job done swiftly - always with the utmost discretion.

Kim enjoys many pursuits, photography, singing, writing, traveling, and golf. She was born and raised in Montclair, NJ. After a stint in Los Angeles and many years in New York City, Kim became a local resident, living in the Jupiter area for nearly 15 years.