Kyle Antel

Kyle Antel


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Buyer's Agent, Agent, Foreclosure

Languages: Afrikaans, English


Anne Arundel Community College


Habitat for Humanity
About Kyle
Kyle is a licensed realtor in the state of Maryland. He has been in the property management and real estate industry for just over seven years. This means he knows a lot about the market he works in.

Once you give Kyle your , he immediately puts it up on the MLS. From the MLS, that is auto-populated to hundreds of websites worldwide. Not only does the immediate market get to see your home up for sale, so does an abundance of worldwide investors. He markets your home to the best of his savvy sales abilities, and he works tirelessly till the end goal is reached! The goal is to sell that home!

Then comes offer time! That's what all the hard work is for. It's now Kyle’s job to help you navigate through the pros and cons of each and every deal. His job is to explain every contract in detail so that you understand the terms and conditions, his job is to negotiate out the terms and conditions that do not work for you, his job is to ensure you understand every step, word, and paragraph of your offer. He is there to ensure the sale of your home with the terms that make the most sense for you. Kyle believes his job is not to worry about my commission but to worry about his client’s needs and wants first, always.

His commitment to you is to first explore every detail of all your needs, wants and wishes in your next home. He then rounds up all the listings that encompass those attributes, at which point you choose the listings that you would like to go and see. Once the home of your dreams has been selected, it is then his job to facilitate the purchase of that home. Kyle will write the contract and advise you on price based on the immediate market, he negotiates with the other to secure the outcome the most benefits you. Your best possible outcome is his best possible outcome. Kyle doesn’t work in real estate just to pay his bills, he does it because it brings him joy! He loves people, he loves real estate and what he loves more than anything else...The smiling satisfied faces he sees on closing day!

Buying or selling a home can be very stressful, and emotional time. Kyle knows this, and because of that, he works to no end to ensure he helps reduce that stress to the very bare minimum. The single most important thing to remember when entering the arena of real estate! Choose your team wisely. You do not want to work with people who only care about their end game. It is your time, your money, and your dreams on the line here. Real estate professionals are serving to help you realize all of that to its fullest and most profitable potential. This must all be done whilst maintaining a positive and helpful environment, and attitude.