About Deborah

"I am thrilled to join Compass - a dynamic, tech-oriented, luxury real estate company that believes in everyone finding their place in the world. It's the perfect match for me, as my specialty is helping people who've experienced major life changes and need a caring, compassionate partner to help guide them through the process"

While the concept of "home" is something many people take for granted, for Deborah, nothing is more important. A native-born Aussie who has called West Los Angeles "home" for more than 30 years, when her landlord told her about 15 years ago he needed to sell the house she was living in with her young son, home took on an entire new meaning. Having been recently widowed, this house was more than a house - it was their home, their roots, their sense of security. So with every resource she had, she purchased that house. It not only gave her son stability and grounded her in her community, but also ended up being the best investment she ever made.

Deborah was fortunate to have a close friend and local real estate agent guide her through this complex process. Paul Figueiredo, an industry veteran, not only became a trusted advisor but her real estate colleague. Noting that even though she was a successful independent jewelry designer - crafting bespoke pieces for collectors, celebrities, business titans, you name it - Paul felt Deborah's immense personal network, caring attention to detail and business acumen would make her an ideal partner in the real estate business. With her son excelling in high school, she took him up on his offer.

Deborah's experience in the fine jewelry world means she has a designer's eye, and her years running her own business has imbued her with the skills necessary to help ensure a smooth process and successful outcome for her clients. Oh, and Paul tells us she's a tough negotiator, too!"

So, whether it is assisting people during profound life changes, facilitating the process for those buying or selling homes or investment properties, or helping perform market analysis to best time a transaction ... nothing is out of Deborah's reach. Along with Paul, she will bring to you a life of wisdom, experience and wit!