About Emilio

An independent self-starter and Calabasas native, Emilio Valli works and lives in beautiful Malibu, a community he is both blessed to call home and eager to serve as a real estate agent. The son of notable singer and actor Frankie Valli, Emilio was fortunate to have been raised around some of the most influential individuals in Hollywood and, from a young age, learned how to recognize the importance of integrity, both personally and professionally. To this day, Emilio strives to anchor his professionalism in loyalty and authenticity while bringing the same level of care and commitment to every client.

Emilio's everyday enthusiasm is matched by Compass' attitude towards technology and is one of the primary reasons that attracted him to the agency. By embracing tech-friendly practices, the process of buying and selling homes becomes a win-win for all parties involved and is in line with the direction that the world is moving.

"Our firm is ideally sized to represent our clients: small enough to act quickly, but big enough to harness the powerful resources and global connections needed to deliver rewarding results."

Emilio's initial taste of real estate arose following a family tragedy and facing the unforeseen task of taking care of the house they were left. From that day on, Emilio committed himself to learning all he could about real estate to protect his family's assets and, in the process, realized an opportunity to help others through the troubling times of their own lives. In the years since, he continues to extend that kindness to whatever his client's needs may be.

Prior to real estate, Emilio was living in Long Island, New York where he was accepted into NYU's esteemed High School Film Program. After completing the course, he returned to his West Coast roots to graduate from Malibu High and earn his associate's degree in film from the Los Angeles Film School. His professional career began in Hollywood as a production assistant, committing long days and nights to such popular television series as CSI Las Vegas, Showtime's Ray Donovan, and Marvel's Agent Carter.

Focusing on Malibu, Venice, and the Westside of Los Angeles, Emilio values perseverance and honesty above all else and hopes to make the process of buying and selling as simple as possible for everyone