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    Emerging from the worlds of finance and fashion, Associate Partner Faraz Fahimian brings his entrepreneurial spirit and convivial charisma to Compass and the Los Angeles real estate market. A Beverly Hills native who is intimately familiar with L.A.'s sprawling communities, Faraz cherishes the opportunity to guide clients through the process of selecting one to call home.

    Prior to channeling all of his energy into his most passionate enterprise yet—that of being a real estate agent—Faraz experienced the ebbs and flows of business through the lens of corporate finance and the apparel industry. He founded and co-owned his own couture dress company for which he brokered an $800k deal with a major chain store to distribute his clothing line across 28 locations. Not only was this a profound accomplishment but it served as a testament to Faraz's networking and negotiation prowess.

    No matter the setting, Faraz demonstrates a calm, collected, and understanding demeanor to everyone he interacts with, drawing out the similarities in others that often leads to genuine connections. An active member of the Persian Jewish community and drawing from networks in both finance and fashion, Faraz leverages his varied connections to assist his real estate clients. Beyond his ability to speak knowledgeably with real estate investors, developers, and business owners, Faraz also speaks Farsi, which further elevates his ability relate to and communicate with prospective clients.