About Jane

Both personable and efficient, Jane Wang is a proven real estate professional with the admirable ability to discern client objectives and provide relevant recommendations and actionable guidance. This astute and careful approach means clients are quickly led to homes that meet their exacting needs, saving them both time and effort. After a long career in the airline industry, Jane engages with people easily. She will happily converse on any topic and prides herself on connecting on a deep level with people of different nationalities and backgrounds. A Hong Kong native herself, Jane has built a strong international client base alongside her domestic clientele. Having operated an import/export business with her husband, meanwhile, honed her tendency to always keep a sharp eye on a deal's bottom line financials. Above all, Jane is incredibly present, honest and authentic, qualities that enable her to be a collaborative partner and responsive problem solver to her valued real estate clients. In her free time, Jane enjoys exploring the fantastic restaurants and taking long walks with the family dog, especially along Southern California's great beaches and canyons.

Jane Wang’s Recent Transactions