About Joanna

Joanna's sixth sense is real estate. Having grown up in Los Angeles, she gravitated to Silverlake and developed a deep knowledge of The Eastside and its many eclectic pockets. Her warm spirit and wide social net made for a smooth progression to selling. Her natural and easy-going approach is a rarity in this highly competitive market, making her a unique communicator who regularly negotiates unprecedented deals. Uniquely gifted for her fated career, Joanna got her start in building management in 2004, and soon after started her own appraisals company. After years of appraisals, her detailed focus and keen intuition literally made her an expert from the inside out. With a passion for architecture and design, she is well-known for her meticulously prepped homes, that routinely attract impressive offers. Resourceful and forthcoming, her reputation for tackling every technicality with zen-like precision as well as an ethical grace, has made her a buzz-worthy agent. When she is not handing you the keys to your new home, she is at her own home cherishing family time with her beautiful son, Zev.

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