About Leti

I started my real estate career in 1990 right after the previous bubble burst. So I've always been passionately hard working. Have experienced the waves and have acquired skills that have allowed me to help my sellers get maximum dollar for there home and my buyers offers accepted. I pride myself in having humble beginnings & yet being able to accomplish million dollar sales. I have that to pass on to my clients & friends since it's a must in this beautiful divers market I'm in. I've owned & operated a few real estate franchises acquiring a complete understanding of escrow, recruiting, marketing, investing, property management, & loan departments. Passing those skills on to my clients when it comes down to hard ball and explaining all facets of the industry. I am a mom with a straight "A" student who wants to become a writer. We love to run/walk the Rose Bowl. I'm grateful for health, happiness & life.

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