About Michelle

The Quintessential Real Estate Agent

For me, housing is fundamentally cultural. It’s about how and in what ways properties come to be designed, created, used, and valued. I’m basically a cultural anthropologist in the supply chain of homes and investment properties.
Conscientious, Transparent, Qualified.

The quintessential real estate agent who will:

★Act on your behalf as ambassador, concierge, negotiator, and strategist.
★Protect your interests.
★Engage in clear, regular, and gracious communications.
★Do what I say I will do.
★Organize and oversee complex, detail-oriented, ethical transactions.
★Bring familiarity and analytic insight of a native Angeleno.
★Provide white glove service.
★Work with highly competent professionals to close a deal, from title, escrow, to inspection repairs, and much more.

Michelle Heller’s Recent Transactions