About Neda

Neda DeSigio was born in the beautiful West Lake Sammamish Bellevue in Washington State. While she was still young, her family moved to Irvine, CA. There, Neda finished the rest of her schooling and continued on to obtain her MBA, with an emphasis on International Business, from Chapman University.

Soon thereafter, Neda went into sales and found her niche in the mortgage industry, becoming a licensed loan officer. Through a determined work ethic and a client-first mentality, she quickly rose to became a top-performer in the mortgage industry and kept that leading rank for several years, growing a large following of trusting and repeat clients. From there, Neda followed the natural progression from licensed loan officer, to then becoming a licensed real estate agent. 

For the past 10 years she has successfully carried out a variety of duties on the commercial side of real estate, helping her father with the family business as a business account manager. Everything from facilitating loans, securing properties, and real estate transactions, to initiating detailed lease agreements and tenant management.

Neda has since transitioned into residential real estate, working alongside veteran Orange County agent Annie Clougherty. To learn more about the Annie Clougherty team, visit annieclougherty.com/team.

Neda is a loving wife and mother of 2 boys and resides locally in Newport Beach, CA.

Neda DeSigio’s Recent Transactions