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20 years experience selling real estate. Born and raised in Los Angeles with extensive knowledge of its many neighborhoods, from the Westside to downtown, from the beach communities and Valleys. I am aware of the trends that are shaping their future. After graduating college, I enjoyed a successful career in management and finance. I was head of loan-servicing department for a well known banking institution. I decided to bring my many skills to an arena where I could see my gifts immediately gratify my clients. For some people, the aspect of buying or selling Real Estate is an easy endeavor. For others, it can be a stress filled experience, where I say "I will hold their hands from start to finish". My total commitment from my client's well-being, serves both scenarios. When the practical aspects of buying or selling Real Estate become history, I do not! Among my biggest rewards from my work is to have my clients know that they can always come to me for whatever they may need.

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