About Rebecca

There are few things in life as important as the selection of one’s home. As a true Cancerian, the nest is of the utmost import to me. I view the home as the place where your memories are built so the decision about where to live should never be taken lightly. The choices you make along the way are crucial so it’s very important that they be well informed.

This is where I come in. This is the part I LOVE.

I spent my undergraduate years as an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, and shortly after completing college, I moved to Los Angeles and received my masters in Psychology. I’ve always loved interacting with people and my education prepared me to work with clients from all walks of life, a truly invaluable experience.

While raising my babies, I was able to watch my husband Tim work as a realtor and I realized the many commonalities our respective fields had. I became increasingly intrigued by his work and couldn’t help but catch the real estate “bug”. As my level of interest increased, I had the idea that I could use my background of working therapeutically with clients to transition into a career in real estate.

It was a fortuitous move. Very few things are as rewarding as clients entrusting me with the honor of placing them in the place they choose to spend their lives. The searching is half the fun and when you do find the “right” place for your clients, it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Selling a home is equally as satisfying. Finding the right price and buyer for your most important investment is a challenge I would love to take on. I pride myself on working WITH my clients. I’m a great listener, and I can assure you that I won’t rest until your needs are met.

I truly enjoy the whole process. If I am able to help potential clients in any way, I would love the opportunity to do so. I truly look forward to embarking on this amazing adventure together.