About Rob

I’M OF THE BELIEF there’s a real estate agent for everyone, so I appreciate you taking a moment to read a bit about my professional background to decide whether 60 Cycle Properties may be the right fit for you.

After touring the Midwest and UK playing guitar with bands you’ve probably never heard of, I began my career in the music biz working as a publicity exec at a number of labels including 4AD, Frontier, ALMO, Mercury and Atlantic Records before eventually establishing my own PR agency, 60 Cycle Media.

During this time, I coordinated countless national media, marketing and TV campaigns for artists that you probably have heard of, including Morrissey, Garbage, JD McPherson, Ozomatli, Gillian Welch, Isaac Hayes, Lloyd Cole, Marc Ribot, Yo La Tengo, Mike Viola, Dead Can Dance, The Breeders, Red House Painters, This Mortal Coil, Kendra Smith, Harold Budd, John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet and many more…

In addition to music, 60 Cycle Media expanded into other creative fields including art, architecture, home design and photography, branding clients with coverage in outlets such as Architectural Digest, ARTnews, Dwell, NPR, Elle Decor and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, amongst others.

Wishing to switch gears after the birth of my daughter, I followed my long-held affinity for real estate to just north of Manhattan where I became a Sotheby’s agent in Nyack, NY. It was there in New York’s historic Hudson Valley where my previous experience dovetailed into 60 Cycle Properties, channeling my communications and marketing skills into helping clients invest, lease, buy & sell homes.

The Hudson Valley offers not only midcentury and contemporary architecture, but a diversity of time-honored styles including Victorians, Federal Colonial and 19th Century clapboard farmhouses (one of my listings dated to 1790). However, time has not always been kind to these legacy properties with dated remodels, funky additions, and many are in need of serious repairs and renovations. I look back on this period as instrumental in honing sensibility and skills that I now offer as an agent today in Los Angeles.

Finding a move-in ready property is ideal, but realistically, how often do the planets line up and present you with a perfect turnkey home? Working with buyers to identify properties that may fall short of their initial wants, I help visualize their objectives and gauge potential renovation costs to achieve where they want be. At the same time, I have no problem advising clients to get back in the car and drive the opposite direction from a potential money pit.

On the listing side, representing unparalleled properties in LA and New York has allowed me to often place my "publicist hat" on and make securing media coverage a component to what 60 Cycle Properties offers our clients. In my years as an agent, I’ve secured profiles of my listings in the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, New York Post, Zillow “Home of the Week” and others. I find property marketing to often be more sizzle than steak, and I’m confident in my abilities to integrate creative campaigns that venture outside the usual cookie cutter approach, and achieve the visibility - and offers - that your home deserves.

Although I’ve moved back and forth between LA and NYC five times, I’ve always considered Southern California to be my true home as I have a deep affinity for the history and conservancy of Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods.

I also understand navigating LA's real estate market to be inherently stressful, and with my extensive crisis management experience I pride myself on handling speed bumps while keeping everyone’s sanity intact, and the transaction moving towards my client’s ultimate goal.

In addition to partnering with Compass, I’m currently a member of the Beverly Hills / Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors. A few of my interests outside real estate includes collecting pre-1967 vintage guitars and amps, restoring and owning pre-1970 cars, and following my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. I currently live in Laurel Canyon with my wife Mika and our teen daughter, Ava Frances.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent in the near future, please feel free to contact me at info@60cycleproperties.com so we can arrange a no-nonsense talk about your goals.

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