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To some, real estate is the building of homes but for me real estate is the building of dreams...and if you have to dream anyway, you might as well dream BIG! A business savvy, full-time real estate agent, and believer of dreams, I transform ideas into action. I also convert good clients into life-long companions while delivering the highest level of customer service and representation to buyers and sellers alike. My extraordinary commitment to my client's interests and non-stop work ethic has led to a number of successes in both my current and past endeavors. As a student, I attended SUNY Binghamton University and New York University where I received dual degrees in Marketing and Fine Arts and certifications in Digital Media Marketing and Brand Management.

Around the same time, I co-founded an e-commerce company, which has nearly surpassed $100M in venture capital within its first six years. Boasting more than 12 years of experience, I also partnered with some of the largest online retailers from across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, and China. A shrewd and knowledgeable businesswoman, I am highly regarded for my smooth and worry free approach as it relates to the financial sector, sound investment habits, and simplification of escrow issues. As a realtor, I specialize in connecting high net worth clients with luxury estates. I also spend less time safeguarding assets, and more time securing the perfect homes for my clients. I ensure my clients’ homes and investments are safe and sound.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple: “Always give one extra degree”. A true believer in the 212 °F, I always go the extra mile. Whether a client is in need of a trusted advisor, real estate consultant, or a friend, they can always count on me. My unwavering commitment to excellence, reliability, accountability, and dependability has led to continue long-term relationships that I trust will last a lifetime.

Specializing in premier properties, I bring a breadth of experience to each transaction, giving clients an "insider's view" throughout the buying and selling procedures. My thorough understanding of real estate trends, market conditions, market value, buyer motivations and the psychology of negotiation are second to none. I am honest and trustworthy. I give clients peace of mind.

My Hobbies

In my limited "down time," I like to travel and visit museums and art galleries to gain fresh ideas and inspiration for my work. I then take those ideas to the helm of the household crafting decorative displays and original designs for home décor.

My Languages

My well-traveled background and trilingual fluency in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English has opened up many doors allowing me to connect with a large community of diverse clients especially within the Chinese markets. As a high-powered communicator with extraordinary ability in dealing with top-notch Estate Planning Professionals, CPAs, and Attorney’s, I am able to deliver and satisfy those lucrative requests made by my niche market of networking professionals.

For more information or to work with me directly, please be sure to contact me today! I look forward to making your dreams realty.

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