About Shea

With an extensive background in luxury hospitality, Shea has the unique ability to provide a customized experience tailored to fit the needs of each individual client. During his hospitality career, he was part of the opening of a premier luxury brand resort in Coastal Orange County. There the expectation was to create the highest service standards while anticipating the needs of each guest and maintaining an unparalleled experience. Upon transitioning his career to real estate, he kept this same theme of service for every client. One of his first endeavors in real estate was to assist in the smooth transition of joining a small coastal luxury real estate brand with an international one. He accomplished this task while maintaining the integrity of the relationships with clients in the local community and consistently exceeding their expectations. For the last few years Shea has worked extensively in all areas of real estate including sales, marketing, and administration. With a well rounded approach, Shea is equipped to provide an exceptional experience for all real estate needs.

Shea Sasan’s Recent Transactions