About Tanya

20 years ago, Tanya arrived in Silver Lake to meet her newborn niece. She never left. Since then, she has witnessed the dramatic transformation of the area to become what CNNMoney magazine once dubbed “a top 10 best big-city neighborhood.”

Her past experience, as both a personal assistant and estate manager for celebrities and corporate CEOs, helped her to develop and hone skills and personality traits that make her a highly sought after real estate agent.

Her extensive network of personal and professional relationships is a hidden asset that she brings to every client—from finding an architect, contractor, or top interior designer, to a landscaper who will help install a drought tolerant garden, or a plumber to repair a water line, or handyman to repair the deck.

As a devoted mother of a 10 year old girl (and a five year old Labradoodle), she can speak honestly about the advantages and disadvantages of the public and private schools in the area, where to find tennis lessons, or the closest off-leash dog trail in Griffith Park.

Tanya is personable, well organized, energetic, professional and a person who approaches pressured situations in a grounded and balanced manner. Of course, she handles confidential information with discretion.

These are but a few of the attributes that make her a valued addition to the Eastside.co team.

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