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About Terrence

A native of Chicago, Terrence grew up in a very culturally diverse environment—one that broadened his horizons and exposed him to the beauty and complexities of ethnicity. After attending Roosevelt University and working for Allstate Insurance, Terrence made his way to the Twin Cities to work for the Federal Reserve Bank. It was the early 90’s, and as a new resident and business professional, he found himself feeling somewhat isolated. There was a void in the social fabric of his new home—and he filled it by creating Elan Entertainment—where he planned and promoted a series of business and networking opportunities for African-Americans in Minnesota. As a result, the original “First Fridays” series of social gatherings were born.

From 2000-2003 Terrence expanded his efforts to include the Minneapolis Latino community by sponsoring events that created a similar business and social networking atmosphere for bilingual and Spanish-speaking professionals. Ever the entrepreneur, a growing fascination with Latin American culture led him down the path to a new business venture, and in 2003 Terrence opened the award-winning “Babalu” restaurant introducing Latin and Caribbean Soul fusion to the trendy Minneapolis Warehouse District. Once again, Terrence was bringing people together—but this time it was through fabulous food, drink, and live entertainment.

In 2006 Terrence gave his passion for bringing people together with an official name, and he formally founded Connection Consulting. As Large’s foray into socially and culturally-based business endeavors grew, so had his knowledge and level of experience with diversity. With his unusual skill-set in play, Connection Consulting was commissioned to create the Cultural Express program which facilitated the assimilation of minority employees into the Minnesota corporate culture. Clients such as General Mills, Pillsbury, Medtronic, Target, and Honeywell sought out his expertise in helping them to educate and familiarize their employees with their new state of residence. Through Terrence, these large companies were able to organize employee events to socialize and become comfortable in their new surroundings. The need for balance in life is essential for productivity and happiness, and The Cultural Express programs accomplished that for new arrivals in Minnesota. They felt connected--and they felt at home. Through Connection Consulting, big business accommodated and celebrated staff diversity and in return enjoyed an outstanding level of employee retention in return for their investment.

Over the years, the team at Connection Consulting has built a reputation for success on a foundation that celebrates diversity. The “seek first to understand” philosophy is the core of our curriculum and is the impetus for change. The world has become so much smaller as a result of technology, political freedom and more socially progressive attitudes. In order to prosper and move forward in this new and challenging climate the ability to “understand” has become invaluable. “Bringing people together” isn’t just important—it’s vital to the future of our communities, our businesses and ultimately, our world.

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