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Tonia came to real estate representation from a background in economics, entrepreneurial finance, residential design and construction project management. With a current focus on weaving the dreams of a client's optimal home and/or securing them smart investment projects, she employs all those skill sets. There are few things she considers more important than being in the right home, and delights in participating in that process for her clients. Whether identifying the next destination, moving a property on that has served its purpose, or finding a new one to settle in. Tonia's service ethos stems from having experienced all sides of the transaction, in her own real estate investment and development. Alone and in partnership. It has given her a knowing of what works, no matter one's perspective. And most particularly, she gives the kind of service she likes to have, herself. Originally from Australia, Tonia has lived in Los Angeles for the last 21 years. Migrating and much traveling, has given her a deep appreciation for the beauty of where she lives and works, as well as understanding the unique issues for international clientele. Although her geographical focus is on the coastal communities, extending east to Beverly Hills, investment opportunities can strike anywhere. Comprehensive market analysis to assist the decision process for clients, is an early stop. As a rule of thumb for a home, start with the heart and finish with the mind. For a business, reverse it. Either way, Tonia supports her clients with the resources they need, to get where they'd like to go. With a full complement of technology, targeted marketing, negotiation strategy and design oriented preparation for sale, sellers have it all at their disposal. Buyers reap the benefit of a dedicated advocate that loves the search, well versed in multiple areas. Taking both a creative and results oriented approach delivers the greatest value to Tonia's clients, in their journey and its outcomes.

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