Laurent Huguet

Laurent Huguet

Real Estate Advisor
About Laurent
Possessing a rare blend of entrepreneurial, interpersonal and linguistic skills, Laurent-Alix Huguet is unique in what he brings to his title of “International Real Estate Consultant.” With extensive expertise in business, relationship building and communications, Huguet offers clients in-depth, astute advice about real estate investment strategies and opportunities. Multilingual and endowed with a dynamic personality, Huguet puts people at ease as he helps them explore suitable, timely and financially smart real estate investment options.

Descriptions which characterize Huguet are:

• team player

• talent maker

• connections and lifelong relationship builder

• positive

• always seeking to create a significant outcome

Born in Lille, France, Huguet earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade from Catholic University, in Lille, and a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing from Sup de Pub ISEEC Business School, in Paris.

Having spent a number of years in France in highly successful management positions, including as Business Development Manager – Corporate Alliances for Disneyland Resort Paris, in 2012 Huguet moved to Jupiter, Florida (USA), with his wife and two daughters to launch two new golf-related companies, with outstanding results: H4Events USA and H4Distribution. Since transitioning to the field of international real estate in 2019, Huguet has created a substantial network of contacts and completed multiple transactions, to mutual satisfaction all around.

Thanks to all the doors he has opened in Europe, Florida and throughout the U.S., as well as to his talents as an investor, business manager and – not least – a family man, Huguet is singularly positioned to assist investors who understand the challenges of investing in international real estate or moving to a locale far from one’s native land. He is dedicated to doing business with good people and creating true partnerships that will make a lasting difference.