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Lee Bender

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Lee has always been an INNOVATOR in her endeavors! Early on, for example, she was the first woman to receive a doctorate in psychology from the University of Alabama; later, she was one of six female plaintiffs who opened the doors for women and minorities at the Dolphin and South End Rowing Clubs in San Francisco. At that time she was a professor at the University of San Francisco where she established the first program for psychology students to work as volunteers in their local communities.

As a young realtor in the eighties--after 12 years teaching--Lee initiated the 2-hour open house, which quickly replaced the 4-hour standard of the day--a practice everyone takes for granted now! Also, she was the first to use personal contact info in promotions such as for-sale signs, print ads, etc, over considerable objection from The Company. Was she presaging today’s rapidly evolving agent-centered marketing?

Other new practices Lee was the first to utilize include pre-sale home inspections, required as-is clauses and mandatory substantial deposits on sales agreements--all of which are now fully enshrined in realtors’ voluminous contracts--two pages in those days! Today, she still loves the creative nature of the real estate business, where her record of success with buyers is outstanding: “rarely do I have a buyer need to make more than one offer to succeed...because I understand the dynamics of power in the marketplace and am able to strategize accordingly in each situation.”


"Lee is an amazing agent. She has worked with me on several occasions, one of them being the short sale of my house. In the process I learned that a short sale is not an easy process. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful throughout the process. She worked very hard and diligently to get it taken care of and finalized. She has also helped me find tenants for rental property and the most recent, the purchase of a condo. Besides knowing the business, she has a great personality and she is so much fun to work with. Lee is definitely a person who cares for all of her clients. She makes sure that all of her clients are happy and makes sure to keep in touch with them even after working with them. Thanks Lee for all your hard work!"

"Lee worked hard and smart to sell my house in Noe Valley of SF. Her preparation was impeccable and detailed, and her pricing smart. After only one, two-hour open house, I received 11 offers. We countered with 5 counteroffers, of which 3 countered. The house sold for nearly 50% over the asking price. We expected to sell it for more than asking, but thought that it would be in the range of 20-25% more. Top notch." Paul Cox”