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Lynn North is the epitome of dedication to excellence, offering a unique blend of technical knowledge, market experience and professionalism. Lynn is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with expertise in the telecommunications industry, creating new markets and exceeding aggressive revenue commitments for over 35 years. She drove the global technology and business development of the telecommunications market for the high tech industry as well.

Lynn's comprehensive real estate experience as a Bay Area native, has been in handling hundreds of listings and helping buyers over the past 13 years with the extensive process of preparing the home for sale, ordering inspections, designing marketing plans including staging, ads, video tours and houses to all of the details until the close of escrow. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco, Lynn's expertise has been in helping her clients deal with change, whether it be in families downsizing, helping them find the right homes based on what stage of life they are in or in helping families with seniors deal with the challenges of life changes. Lynn serves on the board of two non-profit senior care corporations and has been in several key leadership roles at Immanuel Lutheran Church for over 30 years. For 3 summers, she led a team of 40 youth and adults to build homes for the poor in Mexico. In addition, she has been an active role in the schools and community sports programs.

Lynn has earned the reputation among her colleagues and clients for honesty, integrity and loyalty. Lynn's philosophy on real estate recognizes the need for a knowledgeable consultant who can produce top results. She works continually to keep up with this ever-changing, complex profession and strives to help her clients realize the greatest return on one of their largest investments. She is personally committed to your success. Please call Lynn on 650.209.1562 or email lnorth@.com for a complimentary consultation to review your specific real estate goals.

Meet Lynn North, Recognized Top Realtor & Dedicated Community Volunteer

Lynn North has been a realtor for the past 15 years & ranked in the top 5% with the prestigious Alain Pinel Realtors in the Bay Area. She has served as coordinator and director of programs and is currently in various leadership positions at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Los Altos, California. Previously, she was director of telecommunications business development at Network Appliance and vice president in sales with SBC and Pacific Bell, where her large team literally built the infrastructure known today as Silicon Valley.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from University of San Francisco, Lynn’s expertise has been in helping her clients deal with change, whether it be in growing their business or with her recent board experiences, in helping families with seniors deal with the challenges of life changes. Lynn has been the Chair on the Board of Sunny View’s Foundation since 1999 & with Front Porch since 2004.

Lynn has been in several key leadership roles at Immanuel Lutheran Church for 33 years. For 3 years, she took 40 youth and adults to Mexico to build homes for the poor and has been an active role in local schools and community sports programs. Lynn is a licensed real estate agent drawing on her wealth of experience helping clients and is a fourth generation Bay Area resident, who has lived in Los Altos for 33 years. She was past president of her neighborhood association.

Lynn has earned the reputation among her colleagues and clients for honesty, integrity and loyalty. Lynn's philosophy on real estate recognizes the need for a knowledgeable consultant who can produce top results. "I work continually to keep up with this ever-changing, complex market and strive to help my clients realize the greatest return on one of their largest investments."

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Client Testimonials

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Tammy Burton - July 7, 2021
"Last week I closed escrow on the sale of my home in Mountain View. I had the best real estate agent - Lynn North. Fabulous realtor and highly recommended. I lived in the bay area for 35+ years. After purchasing a lot in a non-existing neighborhood 22 yrs ago, I watched it being built from the ground up. Who would ever guess that Google would move in 3 miles away and build their campus. Now I will be watching a new neighborhood being built in SoCal between LA and San Diego in Temecula."

Joe and Kathleen Wilson - April 11, 2021
"We faced a daunting task when my elderly parents could no longer care for themselves in their own home. The time came to move them into assisted living in a minimally disruptive fashion, and then figure out how to disposition 60+ years worth of household items in order to put their house up for sale. We spent many sleepless nights worrying while trying to figure out where to begin.

We were fortunate to meet with Lynn who kindly offered her expertise not only in selling my parents home, but she provided us with recommendations on how to make sure my parents transition to assisted living went smoothly. She put us in touch with a wonderful senior moving specialist who was amazing. Rather than rush their house to market she wisely suggested taking care of my parents first, then take some time to recuperate before quickly jumping into the daunting task of preparing their house for sale.

We are extremely grateful for the expertise Lynn provided in selling my parents house. She arranged for an amazing estate sale company to remove the remaining items that we left in the house, and when they were finished the house was very clean and ready for the next phase. It was a comforting feeling to be able to fully trust Lynn to recommend the repair and upgrades the house would require in order to provide a beautiful turnkey house that buyers are looking for. Lynn has a fabulous team of contractors in all trades who seemed to magically appear on the exact days that she needs them. Each one was very professional and completed their jobs on time so that the house was ready for sale on the date promised. Her team patched damage to walls, removed the existing kitchen and the popcorn ceiling, repainted all interior and exterior walls, installed a beautiful new modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops, installed all new flooring, and updated the landscaping with new plants, lighting and grass. Lynn has been working with these contractors for many, many years and it shows in the quality of their work. I am not sure how Lynn is able to manage all of these tasks, but it was a huge relief knowing that we could focus on my parents’ care while she handled the sale of the house.

Lynn’s expertise helped create a home that yielded thousands of views on a beautiful custom website, and her marketing resulted in over 50 carefully screened in-person tours in just 10 days, despite the restrictions created by the pandemic. Once finished, she presented each of the offers to me and my wife and highlighted the pros and cons for each one before making a recommendation on which offer provided the best return, all while carefully considering any contingencies and the likelihood that the sale would close quickly without any issues.

Just before the close of escrow Lynn invited us to meet the new owner. We enjoyed sharing our many memories of the home with the buyer. It is comforting to know that the buyer will find joy in my parent's home as she personalizes it and starts a new chapter in her life. As for Lynn, she became so much more than just a realtor because she helped us navigate one of the most challenging events of our lives with an amazing amount of enthusiasm, compassion, and professionalism. We will be forever grateful to Lynn and her team of professionals."

Xie Family - September 7, 2020
"We were referred to Lynn by our loan agent who recommended Lynn not only because Lynn is a top agent but more importantly for her honesty, dedication and quality of service. As soon as we met with Lynn in person, it became clear to us that she’s the right person to sell our townhome in Sunnyvale. She presented us with the market analysis for the target price, a plan to remodel our home to increase the value, and a detailed plan to promote our home in both online and offline channels. Covid-19 came unexpectedly in March and Lynn reassured us that everything is going to be fine, but we know it only means she will have to put in more effort to make sure our home are presented to the right buyers. With her advertising and marketing strategies, our home was the top viewed home on Compass website for the week that we were on the market, and around 30 potential buyers/agents showed up in person to check on our home, which is unbelievable given all the difficulties due to the Covid-19. We really appreciate all the effort and patience from Lynn and very satisfied with both her service and the outcome."

Tom and Judy Brosz - July 24, 2020
"Early this year we decided it would be in our best interest to move from our home of 40 years in Mountain View to southern California. We would be closer to our children, and able to get out from under our mortgages, and get a single-story home for Judy’s disability.

We already knew Lynn North from church, and that she was a realtor with a good reputation, and we approached her to handle the sale of our Mountain View home. She first tried to be sure it was really a good idea for us to sell, then when she heard that our reasons were sound she went all in on supporting the process.

Lynn not only worked on selling our home, but she took us in hand, and helped us with many other aspects of our move.

The realtor she recommended in Southern California did an amazing job finding us a new home down there. The movers she recommended were able to help us move a house with 40 years of memories in it (and maybe a little too much stuff) and they managed to get it done before the virus lockdown. The financiers she worked with arranged a bridge loan so we could find and buy our new home without selling the old one first.

With all this, Lynn still did a great job of selling our beloved old house, and under extremely difficult conditions, encouraging and reassuring us along the whole way.

During this entire period, the COVID-19 crisis was in full swing. Lynn arranged with multiple contractors to get our house upgraded for sale, working within many restrictions on contractor activity. She developed methods of showing the house to potential buyers without the usual in-person walkthroughs, and many of the other techniques that are normally used by realtors to sell homes.

With all this going on, Lynn upgraded our home, brought our house up for sale June 1, and we closed the sale July 21. Less than two months, in a terrible environment where we were worried that it would sell at all.

Lynn arranged for all the upgrades to be paid for, with payment in the end from escrow, a great help with our limited finances. Any difficulties along the way were smoothed over with no stress for us. Everything was set up to make it as easy as possible for us.

We could not be more grateful."

Sue and Dave Kelly - June 11, 2019
"Our first experience with Lynn North was in 2013 when she sold our Los Altos home to us. And though she was not our realtor at the time, she was a wealth of information, advice and support, even after our move-in.

Fast forward 6.5 years when we had to move once again. There was no doubt in our minds that we wanted Lynn to sell our home. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market, and so honest and fair. Unfortunately, our timing came right when Covid-19 was taking off, but that didn't phase Lynn. She remained incredibly positive and became a leader in how to accommodate all the new guidelines while continuing to move forward. Her experience and hard work made our move and the sale of our home very easy and worry-free.

Bottom line, Lynn North is amazing at what she does! She cares about both her buyers and sellers. She is very professional, honest, well-connected and hard-working, all while making you feel like you've been friends forever. We highly recommend her!"

Sue Turner - November 2, 2019
"I met Lynn a couple of years ago when she was hosting an open house in my neighborhood. She was warm, friendly and informative. But what was even more apparent was her honesty and compassion. I knew then when I needed a realtor I would call her. Fast forward two years later I called Lynn to tell her that I was thinking of relocating. I also told her that I didn't want any pressure because I was still looking for a place. She was enthusiastic but did not pressure me at all. Then, one and a half months ago I found my new place and called Lynn to tell her. She told me "great, I need 3 weeks to get you on the market." It was exactly 3 weeks and my house sold in one weekend with multiple offers! Not only did Lynn keep to her timeline, but she was very supportive during the process. Moving is very stressful no matter how quickly things happen. I had total faith and trust in Lynn and she didn't let me down! I can honestly say, Lynn is "simply the best!""

Scott Wetenkamp - October 20, 2019
"We were referred to Lynn by another happy client of hers and were instantly impressed. We interviewed the top agents in our area and Lynn was by far the right choice. Lynn made the whole process painless. That’s no small feat! She is very organized and detail oriented and keeps all parties informed, so surprises are minimized."

Bart Gach - October 5, 2019
"We've known Lynn North for many years as she is the person that sold our first house for us and was able to during the market crisis to get us what we wanted from that house. The house had some factors such as PG&E towers to make it hard to sell but Lynn gathered the information from experts to make it happen.

About five years later after I recommended Lynn to my sister n law Lynn came through again with her excellent work crew to get more from that house then ever imagined.

Now, after the unfortunate death of my Mother Lynn came through again to get top dollar for the house and during that time there were five people on the title and one of them passed away and Lynn still made it happen showing the care our family needed and have gotten to know Lynn for.

Once again we are working with Lynn on our family home which being an older home was in need of lots of work and tender loving care. Lynn has seen to it that everything was being taken care of while we were away on vacation which had been planned much before the sale of the house. Again, Lynn and her crew has made things come together and the family home should shortly be on the market and I know Lynn will be fighting for us to sell the house to a caring family for top dollar. Lynn North, thank you for always fighting for us."

Kelly Shoemake - September 15, 2019
"We found Lynn through a highly recommended referral. She made everything so easy and less stressful. We are SO HAPPY that Lynn entered our lives to make this big transition an easier one. She was so AND continues to be so helpful with the whole relocation process! We can not recommend her enough. Extremely responsive, friendly, genuine, and lovely to work with. She makes you feel as if you are part of her family. Thanks Lynn for all your hard work!"

Gloria Beaird - June 5, 2019
"Finding Lynn to arrange for the remodeling and sale of my condo felt like a God-send. She was amazing thorough the entire process. She had her team of professionals ready to jump in with all of the needed updates to the landscaping, painting, carpentry, etc. within days of signing the contract. As I was moving out of the area, Lynn managed all of the day to day details of keeping the work moving forward at record speed. The property was on the market within weeks of getting started and updated to such an extremely high level of polish that I was able to get a top dollar return on my investment.

Lynn's sales strategy was spot on. I was nervous about listing at the price she suggested, but she proved to absolutely correct in how to market the property for the best possible result. She earned my trust completely

Lynn was able to calm my nerves at every turn about the numerous details that come up during the sale of a property. Her photo says it all; you get that caring, sunny, and reassuring attention with every interaction. She is the consummate professional. You truly can not make a better choice than hiring Lynn to assist with all of your realty needs."

Mike and Vicki McElroy - May 31, 2019
"We love Lynn North! After 2 years of searching we found the ideal new home out-of-area, but we had to move very quickly to make an offer and to sell our existing home. Simultaneously buying, selling and moving would have been too overwhelming had it not been for Lynn North’s incredible capabilities. Lynn handled our sale, provided a detailed schedule up front, synchronized our sale with the new home purchase, pulled strings to get us a mover on short notice, provided sound advice all along the way and then pulled off what we consider to be a “miracle.” She mobilized an incredible team of professionals to prepare our house for sale and it was staged, put on the market, and sold according to her original schedule. All along, Lynn was a steady partner as well as therapist, cheerleader, interior designer, landscaper, and more. We were freed up to focus on our move, and cannot imagine this major life change being possible without Lynn."

Holte Family - March 5, 2019
"When we moved our buying location from San Mateo county to Santa Clara county Lynn was recommended to us. As expected, she is extremely well versed in the area. It was our second attempt to purchase a home in a competitive area, first attempt with Lynn as our realtor. She was aware of every house for sale in the area, what has sold, at what price, the value of the land, and what might be coming for sale in the near future.

When we met with Lynn and saw the house we were able to have a candid discussion about the value of the home, as well as when we expected it to sell (i.e. quickly). She was already familiar with details about the seller. We used her recommended mortgage lender, which, in her words, "made our pre-approval/underwriting as good as cash." As a first time home buyer, I'm not even sure I know what this means, but I know this market is competitive. We had our offer in the weekend after the first showing.

Lynn worked with us throughout escrow to see the house again and assist with what needed fixing. She has contacts for everything. The things we asked her about included: fumigation, foundation repair, hardwood floor refinishing, roof repair, landscaping, painting, tree removal, and solar. Not only did she have contacts in each industry, their quotes were extremely favorable and the work was excellent. Lynn's contacts are fabulous.

I can't recommend Lynn enough."

Vicki - March 2, 2019
"We never knew the value of a great realtor until Lynn North. In only 4 weeks, she transformed our tired 1950s rental house into the most sought-after property in the neighborhood. She coordinated dozens of people from contractors to inspectors to stagers, and then strategically managed the sale such that we received 21% over asking price. On top of that, she simultaneously orchestrated a complex transfer of funds from this sale toward the purchase of a separate home, managing other realtors, bank representatives, and three separate title companies. Throughout the process, we never felt overwhelmed or pressured. She was there for us every step of the way -- always accessible and genuinely caring -- providing insight, and guiding us through complications we didn’t even know we had. What more could you ask for?"

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1931 Alford Avenue, Los Altos

4 Bed  3.5 Bath  +/-3,057 SF  +/-10,615 SF LOT  

Listed for $3,868,000  
SOLD for $4,100,000  

Stunning newly built (2013) single level home located ideally close to top Cupertino schools & all commutes!

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Lynn North’s Listings

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566 Van Buren Street

Los Altos, CA 94022

5 BD
4.5 BA
3,610 SF