About Megan
How my service stands out:

I am passionate about helping others achieve their real estate goals. With many years of experience in private and investment transactions, I provide exceptional service to my clients. I'll pair you with the best plan for your needs and be there supporting you every step of the way.

How I practice Real Estate and relationships with my clients:

HONESTY. Absolute, total honesty is the standard I understand. If something is dishonest, I won't do it or say it or help anyone else to accomplish it. That doesn't mean we have to spill the beans about everything anyone wants to know, or to betray confidential information. It means we don't lie or try to fool anyone.

DECISIONS. I believe that, while I can handle the specific matters regarding your transaction, the ultimate decision about important things should always be yours. However, you need the entire picture, not to just have the decision dumped in your lap without advice. You are hiring me to give you advice, not simply to fill out papers, and write emails. I will advise you as to the ramifications of any important decision, so that you may make the best decision possible. I will even go so far as to tell you what I think would be the wisest course to follow. But I will not decide for you.


“Megan and Genevieve were very helpfully in the selling of my house. Genevieve did a beautiful job staging the house that I would have liked for her to help to style my new home. Megan was very available to answer questions and get the house . -Stefani & Adam”

“Absolutely the best team you can hire to sell your home! Creative, resourceful, persistent and fun! Two thumbs up. -Rene”

“Megan & Genevieve were great to work with - friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking. They facilitated the sale of the home we were living in at the same time as handling the purchase of our new house. We had some complicated issues: they made themselves really available and quickly addressed all questions we had. They have excellent partnerships with people and businesses necessary in both the selling and buying of homes. I will continue to highly recommend Genevieve & Megan. We're thankful and think they're awesome. -Stephens' Family”