About Catalina

As a true citizen of the world, Catalina Restrepo has lived in many different places before settling in South Florida. After spending much of her life living in the UK, Western Europe, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean, she chose Miami as her new home because she was attracted to the year-round perfect weather and the multicultural atmosphere of the city. She believes that South Florida provides an ideal place for living, working, and playing.

With a strong background in hospitality management, Catalina began her real estate career over seven years ago in property management before entering sales. She is a very dedicated and reliable professional who works until her clients are 100% happy with how they are achieving their goals. She believes that her clients are number one and has always loved helping people, which is what inspired her to become a real estate agent. Her motivations in her career come from making her clients happy and seeing them thrive in their new home. Through honesty, a strong work ethic, and her industry expertise, she adds value to her client’s experience of selling or buying homes. She promises each client that she is dependable, attentive, and available to help them achieve their dreams.

When Catalina is not working with her clients, she loves spending time outdoors and enjoying the cultural events South Florida has to offer. She is a positive person whose motto in life is, “add life to your years and not only years to your life.” Catalina is bilingual in English and Spanish.