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"He is very dedicated to his work, will work with you no matter the problem. For instance I didn’t have great credit due to my age and experience in credit but, he still managed to find someone to work with me. He negotiated and continuously fought for me to get a home. Answers in a timely manner and great to work with. Him and his brother are very nice people. You won’t regret it" - Beatrice

"Karl sold my grandmothers home in Little Havana in less than 14 days to a cash buyer! He marketed the property with professional photos, aerial photos and videos which looked amazing when it was listed on the market. He then found a home to buy using the cash from the quick sale to smoothly and quickly transition my grandmother into her current home! He helped us from start to finish on both properties and can not thank him enough for his real estate services!" - Jason

"Karl has been a stand up guy through and through. He is currently helping me sell and purchase a new home. He has gone above and beyond eveything I have asked for. Don't hesitate on contacting him, he will get the job done and more." - Will

"Karl is not only a thorough professional at providing suggestions based on the budget and the requirements, he is also extremely personable. Throughout my interactions with him never felt pressured to reach a decision, instead Karl Hueck took the time and effort to research and substantiate his recommendations with facts and shared his opinions. When to bi, how much to bid for, when to back out was always well thought and researched. He always acted in favor of our interests to the point of actually saving us a 10K for the house we bough in early December. The most delightful experience was the fact that I only had to show up for the house tours, inspections and final agreement signing. Everything else including setting up inspections with inspectors and preparing the agreements was done by him. I would recommend Karl without any second thought to prospective buyers and can guarantee a similar experience that I had with him."

"Karl was excellent to work with. He is very professional and understands your needs and finds you the perfect solution. I will definitely call on him when I am ready to buy a house. You cannot go wrong with Karl Hueck. Give him a call." - Maggy

About Karl

Born in San Francisco California of immigrant parents, Karl arrived in Miami, FL at a young age and grew up in the emerging multicultural and diverse community of Westchester. Within a few years, his family had relocated to one of the city's most beautiful suburban paradises; Pinecrest. For the past thirty-five years, it has been these communities and the many neighborhoods in between that have become the boulevards and roads of South Florida that he calls home. From his experiences emerged his distinct appreciation and love of these communities. He believes it is only through a native and culturally immersed experience that the real beauty of these neighborhoods can be cherished. For it is in these locations where one finds Miami's unique history and flavor with one a kind architecture that is in contrast to the typical cookie-cutter homes being built today. Residing now with his two kids in South Miami, this single father of two can be at your beckon call from anywhere in South Florida within ten minutes.

Whether you are a first-time buyer still living with parents or a seasoned investor looking for your fifth income property, Karl's skills and knowledge will maximize your home buying experience. What sets Karl apart from others is that his business expertise is only surpassed by his qualities in understanding every client as a distinct individual with unique interest, needs, and wants. In short, Karl is a people person, the man everyone loves to bring home to mom. Anyone can be an agent, but it takes a special person to truly comprehend you and your experiences. Karl understands the subtleties that make up the intangibles of life, the things that make finding a new home so special and make each client's home buying experience so distinct. Perhaps it's the walk-in closet that your wife must have above all else, the essential space to entertain friends that you cannot do without, the schools and parks for the kids that are more important than anything else on your wish list, the room for your husband's man cave that he simply cannot live without, or the beach access for your new property that will assure top rental dollars, he will make understanding your needs and wants his top priority. Once he has found your perfect new home, Karl will utilize his expert business credentials and experience to make sure your purchase represents not only your perfect home but an excellent real estate investment that is free from any encumbrances. Karl's job is to be your friend and partner in real estate, providing you with expert professional and personal service. After all, he was born and raised to serve your real estate needs, for over thirty years his mother was a successful entrepreneur in Miami's thriving business community teaching him from a young age the qualities and skills necessary for financial success that cannot be learned in books or in a classroom. Getting you the best home for the best price is what drives Karl and what he does best.

Selling and marketing are Karls absolute specialties. After starting his own business at the age of twenty, negotiating and overseeing the offshore manufacturing of my products by the age of twenty-three, and running a successful business for over a decade, my marketing expertise within the new digital business world is second to none. Establishing and creating an expert and professional look for your property and utilizing all of the appropriate services necessary for successful marketing are, consequently, all at his fingertips. Rather, what is needed in today's highly competitive market are the technical know-how and resources to rise above the fray and have your property stand out with oomph. When you list your property with Karl this is exactly what you will get. You will not only have his complete devotion to selling your property, but his expert team of professional photographers & videographers will be at our disposal. For buyers and sellers in Miami's highly competitive property market, combining the successful forces of our two organizations represents a match made in real estate heaven. Simply stated, you cannot go anywhere else to find the level of professionalism and expert experience that you will acquire through Karl’s services.

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