About Ken

Compass real estate agent Ken Grooms has seen it all, cultivating an eclectic career and geographically diverse life. Growing up in a small town in Northern Florida, Ken subsequently spent 13 years in New York City and another 18 in San Francisco before relocating back to South Florida. Whether selling couture clothing, 18th-century English furniture, hand-painted doghouses, or real estate, an essential defining characteristic for Ken professionally has been service.

Ken is a real advocate for his clients, and strives at all times to deliver a memorably quality experience. He is acutely aware of the ways in which a deal can be streamlined and expedited by having the right ally alongside you. Ken feels nothing but pride when he is asked to help buyers find their dream home, considering it an honor to assist in this monumental decision. If he can turn a stressful process into a happy one, Ken feels like he has done his job! Handing over the keys to the new owner is the ultimate reward.

You’ll find immediately that Ken is personable and honest, and takes his reputation and integrity seriously. He is primed to take full advantage of all the tools Compass offers to deliver best-in-class customer service and help achieve your real estate dreams. Ken is passionate about South Florida, and in particular believes Fort Lauderdale, the city he has called home for the last 15 years, to be the jewel of the region, with endless cultural opportunities, distinct neighborhoods, and a community feel. Outside of his work, Ken enjoys paddle boarding—it’s a great way to check out waterfront listings!—and spending time in his garden and with his dogs.