About Martin

Martin is a native Floridian who has lived in Florida almost all his life. After living in various parts of south and central Florida, he has a keen sense of why people want to move to and stay in Florida. He loves the our beautiful warm beaches, our favorable weather, and all the attractions that the state has to offer.

He has a strong marketing and customer service background including his work creating a successful business marketing website from the ground up. These skills really helps him bring a truly personalized experience for his devoted clients. It also helps him negotiate and impress his clients needs upon the other parties he works with.

Seven years ago, Martin moved to Fort Lauderdale with the express purpose of starting a real estate career and has been a full time agent ever since. He's worked exclusively in the residential market where he helps buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate goals.

When he's not working, Martin uses his free time for philanthropic work in the local community and with his loving family. Martin recently got married to his wife, Alicia, and they just had their first child