About Ryne

Robert “Ryne” Kriske is a licensed realtor focusing on residential and investment real estate. As a lifelong resident of South Florida, as well as a licensed boat captain and scuba instructor, Ryne is familiar with all that our area offers, both on the land and on the water. His area of expertise, as you can imagine, is waterfront properties, but he has also immersed himself in the world of investment properties and is always on the hunt for transactions that will financially benefit his buyers.

Ryne grew up in a family of realtors – his mother is a broker, his sister is an agent, and his brother is a property inspector – so he has trained for a career in real estate almost his entire life. His work ethic and attention to detail, as well as the importance he places on developing a relationship and strong communication with his buyers and sellers, are the foundation of Ryne’s professional approach in the real estate field. He recognizes the stress a move involves and has earned an excellent reputation, not only for his knowledge of the market, but also for his calm, reassuring approach and his commitment to meeting the needs of his buyers and sellers.

Ryne Kriske’s Recent Transactions