Niklas Berg

Niklas Berg


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Bachelor's Degree in Operations from Western Washington University
About Niklas

Nik’s interest in real estate started early in life. He, his father, and brother would spend hours on weekends checking out all the cool new homes around their neighborhood, walking through open houses, playing in the rooms, and hiding in closets. As a kid, the home buying process seemed simple, quick and fun. You find a house, pay, and move in - easy!  Of course, as we grow older, we quickly learn that’s not quite the reality. The home buying process can be a daunting undertaking, filled with complex procedures. Today’s market is technology driven with numerous sites displaying an overwhelming amount of information about not only homes and their conditions, but schools, crime rates and even ease of neighborhood walkability. This information can be incredibly intimidating to new or repeat home buyers.  Nik’s aim is to relieve some of this stress by showing you how much he cares not only about the home you’re thinking of purchasing or selling, but also about you. Nik believes it is his job to navigate the complexities for you, advocate on your behalf, and provide an experience that goes beyond satisfactory. He wants everyone involved in the process to know that he is here, he hears you and he wants to help. 


Niklas was born and raised in Washington and spent most of his early life in Edmonds before moving to Mill Creek his senior year of high school. He attended Western Washington University where he met his current girlfriend of 5 years and completed a bachelor's degree in operations management. Nik loves all things sports and attends every University of Washington football home game on Saturdays, coupled with an obsession with the NFL and Fantasy football. Nik is also an avid gamer. He leads an online community called a guild in World of Warcraft, and spends many hours playing Dota 2. Nik also volunteers in politics by helping to campaign for the Washington state house of representatives and participating in campaign events and engaging prospective voters!