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    Abrams Retail Strategies is comprised of “best in class,” senior level, real estate professionals. Led by Robin Abrams, Abrams Retail Strategies operates with a hands-on, project-oriented approach to achieve optimum results for their clients, for what is often a complex and challenging process.

    Abrams Retail Strategies's services for tenants and landlords include:

    -Representing tenants to define goals and develop a strategic plan for expansion;

    -Presenting, analyzing, and securing extensive real estate opportunities throughout the United States, for domestic and international brands;

    -Partner sourcing, and/or site selection in Europe, Latin America and MENA;

    -Working with tenants on the disposition of underperforming sites, by negotiating a sublet assignment or lease termination;

    -Advising landlords on how to position and increase the value of their asset, often times in conjunction with securing best in class tenants for their properties;

    -Preparing comprehensive analysis and comparative data for tenants and landlords to represent them for fair market valuations;

    -Representing clients in the capacity of retail expert, appraiser, or arbitrator.


    Case Study: Landlord Representation | Dorchester Towers

    Enitre Blockfront on Broadway between 68th and 69th Streets

    A Landlord that rarely outsources their leasing, hired the team to work closely with them to secure new tenants for the base of their building. We partnered with the ownership to retain architects to design a new storefront/façade and re-demise the retail space; and worked with the contractors to implement the new design and prep spaces for leasing. A new storefront has been installed and Abrams Retail Strategies is now exploring options with the Landlord, as we develop a long-term strategy to lease the retail space(s


    Case Study: Landlord Representation | Turnstyle: "Transit Marketplace"

    We worked closely with the developer to put together a leasing/merchandising plan and then approach and secure best in class tenants. This project, in the Columbus Circle Subway Concourse, was the first public/private partnership to activate space controlled by the MTA in NYC.

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