About Lisa

Lisa Taubes is a native New Yorker and her passion for the city that she loves is infectious. She is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC where she majored in fashion buying and merchandising. She spent most of her career representing designers and then owning her own retail store. After the industry went into a downward spiral, she decided to switch it up and joined a college friend who happens to be a Reality TV celebrity. The celebrity had the faith that Lisa would be an asset to her because of her strong hustle and work ethic. She spread her wings and learned more and more about marketing, social media, PR, and negotiating contracts for talent.

At the beginning of 2019, she decided it was now time to take the third act of her career to a path that she has always been interested in, Real Estate. With her decades of life and work experience, she believed that this would be a perfect fit for her. Her entrepreneurial spirit, creative mindset, and her natural ability to network and be transparent to those who know her make her a strong asset as the Executive Assistant to The Ameralis Team at Compass.

She is savvy on social media and is on top of everything happening not only in NYC but in the world we live. Along with her husband and two daughters, Lisa loves living in a luxury residence in the Upper East Side.