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Nadia Dilendorf

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Condominiums, International Buyers, Investment Property, Luxury Homes, New Developments, Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Short-Sale, Property Management

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian


Business Administration - Accounting

Riga Polytechnical University
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Client Testimonials

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"Nadia Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and efforts. I know that this was an absolutely terrible experience for you, but we got through it and closed this deal only because of your patience and dedication. It would have never happened without you. Thank you again -- from all my family! Best," - Beata

"I was planning to study in USA when I faced the problem of finding a place to live. Being a foreigner and without a job it is a tough challenge to rent a suitable living space in America. Giving this a bit of though my parents decided to buy me a little Studio. After visiting an international real estate exhibition in Gostiny Dvor we met Minas Darbinyan, the representative of MIEL Company. He convinced us that we’ve made the right decision and gave us brochures and provided with detailed information about standing offers. We were offered to meet with his partners in New York to look for the available real estate offers. Nadia Dilendorf personally called us and we agreed to arrange a meeting. We’ve met with Nadia in New York. She turned out to be not only competent and knowledgeable real estate broker, but a wonderful and pleasant person as well. She had thoroughly planned all the visits and provided us with all the necessary information. After our first visit to Hudson 77 in Jersey City we understood at once that this is exactly what we were looking for. Firstly it is in close proximity to Downtown Manhattan – just one step away. Secondly, it was considerably cheaper than similar property in Manhattan. When the final decision was made, Nadia helped us with all the documentation, negotiated the payment terms, found us a good Russian speaking lawyer and set up the date for the closing deal. By our next visit all the documentation was prepared and reviewed and we only needed to sign them. I really enjoyed how accurate and competent American professionals were and I would recommend them to anyone from Russia who is interested in purchasing real estate property in America. Without the knowledge of American laws and peculiarities of real estate business it is very hard to get a clear picture and to make the right choice, that’s why the help of real professional is very important .Currently I am studying in New York and I am very glad with the studio I’ve chosen. Here is a link to the building we’ve talked about: " - Julia

"Nadia thank you for everything you have done. I know you carved out a lot of time to spend with someone when there is little profit for you. I am extremely appreciative of that and know this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. You really did an amazing job of representing me and finding my and Amanda's home. " - Nicole

"In this review we would like to write about the job Nadia Dilendorf has done. We are glad that we were lucky enough to meet and work with such great real estate broker as Nadia. We can state that Nadia is doing a vast amount of work. One of the positive qualities of Nadia is her ability to analyze facts, gather necessary information and on the basis of that make well balanced decisions. Nadia shows her abilities by reviewing various options, choosing the most suitable and thus satisfying clients’ requests and needs. When working with clients Nadia gets to the bottom of things, separating important from the unnecessary. Very often we used to rely on her in various matters and she could make the right decision by immediately analyzing a situation which helped us choose between several options. Another good Nadia’s quality is her ability to prioritize, plan her work and define targets. She rarely leaves uncompleted tasks for the last moment. She is attentive not only to the tasks in general, but to details as well. Even when force majeure situations occur, Nadia is able to evaluate all the possible consequences, to clarify the details and to modify her tasks and plans according to the new situation.We would like to make a note of the fact that Nadia Dilendorf is able to perform great not only in ordinary environment, but also under stress by remaining optimistic, calm and positive about her work. When stressful situation happened she retained self-control and calmed everyone with her attitude trying to find the solution to the situation. Her experience and self-control is one of the reasons why we want to keep working with her. We are grateful to Nadia Dilendorf for the well accomplished work and results! " - Valery, Angelica, Marina and Harry

About Nadia

Nadia is a residential real estate specialist with strong international connections and more than 14 years of experience in the luxury home market. Her territory encompasses co-ops, condominiums, and investor-friendly buildings in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. With global expertise that is immediately visible within the expanse of her diverse clientele, Nadia is adept at working with individuals across cultures in overseeing their acquisition of choice properties.

Nadia analyzes the needs of each person or representative after a thorough mutual exchange and then customizes a plan to ensure that their goals are accomplished. Achieving the best return on their investment has always been key to Nadia. It is this attention to detail that brings her clients' top dollar and makes them repeat customers when they are ready to make their next move.

Nadia's commitment to her clients and customers entails frequent communication and a hands-on approach that lets them know they are her consummate priority. Ongoing education is imperative to her and she is always upgrading her technology skills, as well as scouring industry publications and attending real estate seminars. She excels at marketing and negotiation in a way that sets her apart in the brokerage community and earns multiple referrals from her network. Nadia is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and a trustworthy professional who is vigilant about protecting her clientele's confidentiality and privacy to the utmost degree.

To further add value to her clientele, Nadia has established solid relationships with a select group of service providers in order to take care of all matters related to their upcoming real estate transaction. Some of those professionals include closing attorneys, tax and immigration attorneys, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, title companies, accountants and appraisers. In addition, she recommends storage facilities, movers (local and national), property managers, architects, contractors, interior designers and organizers. When representing sellers she also utilizes the best of home stagers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and printers, floor plan artists (including 3-D) and furniture retailers for both sales and rent. Her curated list of resources truly defines one-stop shopping.

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