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Like the greatest sports teams in history and the best bands to ever play music, the Smith/Jones Team believes that collaborative efforts yield magical results. Led by JP Smith and Cornell Jones, the team delivers a powerful, sum-is-greater-than-its parts expertise that ensures every client is well cared for throughout their unique real estate journey.

Both a New York City native and suburban transplant, JP truly understands the allure of the city, and he has an allegiance to those who choose to make their homes here. His background in visual marketing and media relations is indispensable to the team's creative, solutions-driven approach. Cornell is also a New York native and his former career in concierge services makes him a legitimate expert at flawlessly attending to client needs and making the impossible a reality. He has his finger on the pulse of current culture and trends, and a reputation for organization and total discretion.

By pairing their equally powerful yet complementary strengths, the Smith/Jones Team sets the stage for innovative, strategic real estate guidance and a customer-first service, rooted in their unique core values:

Be Empathetic: Listening and relating to clients is imperative in this business, and the ability to see many points of view is an unquestionable asset when it comes to negotiating the best deal. With the Smith/Jones team, empathy means patiently and calmly leading with the heart, as well as the head.

Add Value: Today's buyers and sellers have an unprecedented amount of data at their own fingertips, yet the services of an astute team are still integral to success. The Smith/Jones Team believes in delivering true value to each transaction by being incredibly in the know on the local, national and global level, separating the chaff from the wheat to ensure a successful harvest.

Question the Status Quo: Change is the only universal truth. That's why the Smith/Jones Team believes in wielding intellectual curiosity and a question everything attitude on the path to securing their clients' success.

While the consistently high-grossing, record-setting Smith/Jones Team is proud of the accolades they've amassed, their greatest reward by far is their long list of satisfied repeat and referral clients.

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