The Nelson-Team began in 2005 when Diane Nelson, a realtor since 1988, invited Dave Glielmi, new to real estate, but an experienced sales professional, to work with her. Diane committed to mentoring Dave through his many listing appointments and guide him on every aspect of working with buyers and sellers, including negotiation strategies to both purchase homes and work through home inspections. With that beginning, she then brought Paul Alberici and Bobby Small onto the team. In 2008, Don Hibberd, in real estate since 1972, and Diana Hallinan joined the group, which was then renamed the Nelson-Hibberd Team. At that point Diane and Don committed to continue the “Mentoring Concept” and work to help every member be a complete agent, knowledgeable in all aspects of serving their buyers and sellers. Diane and Don continue to work with their own clients but, over time, have begun to place more emphasis on building a strong, effective team. “Our goal is to empower our team members to grow their business and become the best” has been Diane Nelson’s philosophy throughout. Other top professionals who have joined the team, greatly enhancing its power, are Cherrie Green, Rob Howard, Michelle McDowell, Brooke Nelson-Grohol, Betty Jo Hibberd, Noelle Newton, Steve Newton, Randy Desrosiers, Janelle Dunn and Karl Mayro.

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